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A fierce opposition. They better be scared.

I think it was the 2nd or perhaps the 3rd time I had met my Fiance.
We were at a school outing before Summer Vacation. Many parents, teachers and children there. We grilled, the kids ran around and had fun.
After we all filled our stomachs, a handful of the children ran quite a ways off climbing rocks and playing tag and the likes close to the ocean waters.

We heard screaming, you know, the type that wakes you up as a parent and the thought of danger sharpens the senses.

Out of Oh, I dunno, perhaps twenty plus adults, a mix of teachers and parents, only two reacted to the possibility of danger upon hearing these screams. My Fiance and myself.

We took off fast as light, she ran faster than me at first, and I promise you I am FAST. What would YOU do? Water, rock climbing, screams?

When we got there, there was no danger, the children were just playing and after we wasted the last bit of adrenaline trying to be a bit strict with the children about screaming bloody murder, we walked back.

I don't think we talked about it then and there, but observing so many adults, chatting among themselves and calm after we alerted them of the danger and after they saw us running towards the children was truly a sad sight. No one even asks what the whole thing was about.

What leads people to do nothing when others or themselves are in danger? Are they missing something?

Techno1q was kind enough to give me his expert opinion.

Techno1q "Yes. qubit, It has to do with few factors. Some of which are hormones, adrenaline, blood pressure, dopamine prosecutors (And some other neurotransmitters) availability.. etc."

Though this is a very good answer (and it saved me 15 or so minutes of internet research needed to write this post) does it explain everything?

What about the movies we watch? I'm sure everyone can remember scenes in movies where just ONE person jumps in to save someone in life threatening situations, while all the others observe and do nothing.

Why is this?

The true question is, what sort of person falls under this category?
What type of a name can you give them? Is it some sort of condition?

Or, even more important, what sort of person ACTS, senses danger and allows the blood to boil and the adrenaline to strengthen the senses?

I believe many in the Revolution and the many who are fighting for freedom are of this sort of person. And we are a fierce opponent.

Just like in nature, birds as one example will alert all sorts of different types of animals of danger, and ultimately risk their lives to do so. This is a way of life, built into our genes and into our DNA.

Those who wish to enslave us, are very few. And their sheep do not act as they are conditioned (my opinion) not to. They have only fear and disinformation. Those who wish to enslave us and rule the world, run the banks, steal from the poor and give to the rich. They have no IDEA what they're up against.

We have a strong sense of danger, and we react to it. We call out, we alert and we will FIGHT for survival.

Those who wish to sheep the public, you are warned. Your time is up.
You can not stop this revolution for freedom.

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Perhaps after the first 2 or 3 times the kids screamed, the adults got tired of running over there just to find there was no danger...

Bump for Liberty


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

Innate Resistance ...

... to domestication behind our unalterable determination.

Thank you for a beautiful description of remnant exceptionalism.

Good thing

When the dollar collapses we will be the first one to the grocery store to stock up on food

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!


Better stock up now don't cha think?

To qubit, you two are the kind of people who do what you need to do when the situation calls for it!
So glad to have you both on our side!
I believe there are a great many here on this site just like that!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~