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Help this liberty-minded Minnesotan go to Law Enforcement Skills Training

Hi y'all. I'm honored to have been a part of the RP delegation here in Minnesota where we dominated the state convention for the good doctor! I wanted to come on here today to thank all of you for what you have done and continue to do for this country that we all love and cherish.

I am someone who is inspired by Dr. Paul's message to continue on the cause of liberty even after this election cycle. One point he made is to get our people running for various offices. While I have no desire to enter the political arena, I do have career aspirations that are important for our movement.

My name is Joe I am currently a college senior studying Criminal Justice at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. My career aspirations include joining a local law enforcement agency and possibly running for a County Sheriff position after climbing the ranks. I am a liberty-minded student who embraces the constitution of the United States and believes strongly in protecting individual liberties for all americans. As someone who has spent countless nights studying the Criminal Justice system, I recognize the need for changes in a broken system. I firmly believe that both our federal and local agencies can repair themselves from within by strictly using the constitution as a set of guidelines.

As I near graduation, I need to shift my focus from seeking my college degree to begining my Law Enforcement skills training. With the 4 years of student loans mounting already, I'll unfortunately have to add another semester's worth of tuition plus another $1000 worth of equipment requirements for the skills academy (Uniforms, flashlight, cuffs, tazer cartridges, ammunition fees, etc.). Money is tight for me currently, I'm a college kid working 2 jobs and I'm on an easy mac and hot pockets diet :) so I decided to create a fundraiser for my training (I am NOT going to ask for Federal assitance for my training). Your donation would help ease the financial burden for a college guy like me who is very enthusiastic and passionate about his career choice. I constantly hear horror stories from folks here on the Daily Paul regarding their experiences with Law Enforcement. Well here is a fantastic opportunity to help get a common sense liberty-minded individual into the field. Thanks for reading and here is the link to the donation page:

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I'm sorry but I have to ask

Why, as a liberty minded person, would you want to become one of the jackboots? I realize there are good people out there working in law enforcement, don't get me wrong, but they are still required to help send to prison the pot smoker who hurt no one, are still required to arrest peaceful demonstrators if their bosses say to, will still be required to send someone off to indefinite detainment without charges being filed, etc.

I realize that a good person behind a badge can still make a difference, like one officer did for me when another officer snatched my electronic cig out of my hand because he thought it was a drug pipe. Still, though, can't help but ask.


Sometimes I feel like people think the DP is just a charity advertisement site.

Vets For Paul!