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Vote Ron Paul in 2016, Obama in 2012 to keep Mitt out

To ensure that Ron Paul has a chance to run again in a GOP Primary, vote for Obama to keep Mitt from winning in 2012. If Mitt wins then he will automatically be the 2016 GOP Nominee and our movement won't advance.

We grow by leaps and bounds each time there is a GOP Primary.

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delete this post

It is nonsense.

delete your account

you are worthless

Ron Paul isn't going to run for president

when he's 80 years old unless he's finishing up his first term.

what's the difference

either way he'll be 80.

You think Ron cares if he ends up at the age of 84 with 1 term or 2 terms under his belt?

He'd be happy just to have made it at all.

Im sick of all these posts

about we have to make the dems win so we get another chance in 2016. You are all a bunch of dumbasses if you really think they would 'let' you win 4 years from now.

If Mitt is in the whitehouse, in 2016 we will be taking over the Democratic party just the same. There will not be another person to vote for who has the voting record of Ron Paul again. It would all be on chance after this point.

We will not get another chance, this is it, and if your going to miss it. We will not.

No compromise, no surrender.
In it to win it, to the very end.
Liberty or Death.

letting Mitt win is surrender

The only way we can win is in the 2016 GOP Primary. If Mitt wins we won't even get that chance.

We get nowhere in the Dem Primary. GOP Primary or bust.

Just vote your conscious

not for the lesser of the evils... Ron Paul 2012!!!!

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My conscience says

Vote for a GOP Primary in 2016, then vote for Ron Paul

Why would we want to be traitors to our morals and country?

Please go away. You obviously are no familiar with the concept of personal responsibility and freedom.

you are the traitor

For suggesting it's ok to let Mitt win.

We not only would get tyranny we wouldn't even get a 2016 GOP Primary.

wow, you are a complete moron

He suggested not giving up on principle or beliefs to vote for obama, and your suggesting not giving up on principle and beliefs will "let romney win"

We support Liberty here and dont compromise on beliefs, Get out of here you communist/ facist, we dont want your filthy kind here.

so you want to let Mitt win

You are the communist fascist.

If you let Mitt win then you block a 2016 GOP Primary the one shot that Liberty has to win.

You traitor

"You use that word a lot

I do not think it means what you think it means"

The word traitor is defined very specifically as someone who violates the Free Liberty of someone else.

You are here trying to "coerce votes people through threat of fear"

Dont think you can hide behind your internet.

The one time we have to win is now. and you are by the difinition "Traitor" to the US Constitution, that which i have sworn to uphold.

You're the traitor

Because you want to deny us the chance at liberty. That chance comes in 2016 but only if Mitt loses. You want to let him win.

While I won't vote Ron Paul in 2016 (he won't be running)

I am definitely contemplating a strategic vote for Obama against Mitt Romney. Since few in the Ron Paul movement cares to build a third party, I am not sure where else to put my vote other than Gary Johnson.

Edit: looks like I already posted like two comments ago, lol.

A Paul will run in 2016 if there is a primary

If not Ron then Rand

I think

if your 'solution' is to vote for tyranny, then your part of the problem, rather than the solution.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

I think

If all you will do is complain instead of try to present a better plan, then your (sic) part of the problem, rather than the solution

No complaining here..

I simply do not agree with your reasoning..at all. I think it's totally misguided and hypocritical to suggest such a vote by the RP Liberty movement, based on the 'lesser of two evils'.
Isn't this what it's all about??

Look around you, haven't the events of the last few weeks had any impact. This facist regime is self destructing, and you propose the liberty movement prop it up?
Stop pushing Obombya, and claiming those who don't agree with you are supporting Mittens..and start promoting the liberty movement.

Simply say no to tyranny..no matter what color it comes in.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

no it is not what it's about

obama and mitt are equally bad. There is no lesser of 2 evils.

Because of ballot access and party org, it happens to be if Mitt loses that we get a 2016 GOP Primary. If Mitt wins we do not.

It's like you are wrongfully in jail but you have a choice of parole in 2016 or 2020. I'll take 2016. If you don't pick 2016 then it's automatically 2020.

If mitt or obama wins there will not be a 2016

Not one without war, there will be no elections, go tell your superiors in the white house. We are coming for them. With or without war. If they do not give up peacefully, we will hold no mercy.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

We are awake now.
By the millions.
Liberty or Death.

oh really the calendar gets suspended

what, life does not go on?

You were born yesterday?

Grow up


Your Fascism will not be here in 2016 to corrupt the system. Or we Liberty Candidates will not be here to vote.

There might be a 2016 election

If there is then we have set up a GOP Primary where we can win, if we stop Mitt now in 2012.

Second that...no compromises, no deals, no surrender...

Screw the GOP and the Dems. Why vote for someone you don't like just to prevent someone you don't like even more from getting elected?

so we get a chance to vote for someone we do believe in

In the 2016 GOP Primary

If only a vote for liberty counts then do what u can for the chance to do that

If Mitt wins we don't get a 2016 GOP Primary

If Mitt wins we lose, if Obama wins we lose...

don't make no damn difference. But that doesn't mean we are losers.

I'm voting for Liberty and will do so proudly. Every day matters. Do what you can to promote Liberty today and every day. 2016 is four years away.

If not me, who?
If not now, when?

four years is shorter than 8 years

If mitt wins we get our shot in 8. If he loses we get it in 4.

I'll take 4.

You have no evidence that we will have a shot in 2016...

in fact, you have no idea what can or will happen in the next four years. Every day matters. Take control of what you can NOW, and you can change the course of history.

It is enough for me

to keep Romney out. But considering the future in hopes that the liberty movement might get yet another chance, is a bonus. Don't think it will be Ron Paul, so we'll just have to hope someone steps up that isn't a sell out. Plus, maybe four more years of Obama will cause the same type of reaction against the DNC that 8 years of Bush causes against the RNC. THough, this could be more dangerous than anything, especially if the Right continues to become more and more reactionary.