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Who would have thought Ron Paul would get me OUT of a ticket?

I got pulled over this morning for going 52 in a 40. I have a Ron Paul magnet on the back of my car and the first thing the cop says as he walks up to my window is, “So do you think Ron Paul has a chance?”

I replied that it isn’t looking good since Ron Paul has said he thinks Romney will have enough delegates in the first round, yet I think it is still up to the delegates at the convention. The cop replied by saying that he agrees with Ron Paul more than anyone, and begins to rant about the Federal Reserve and how ridiculous it is that people don’t see it for the scam that it is, his words were, “It’s a private bank. Period.” As cars are speeding by this cop is somewhat animated in his speech going on about how the only way to maybe weather the economic condition would be to begin drastic cuts to the budget, to get rid of many worthless departments. He lists the DEA, ATF, CIA; all worthless he says. “What in the Constitution gives the government the right to make drugs illegal?” We go back and forth for a few minutes until he wraps it up by holding out his hand and saying, “It’s a warning. Have a good day.” I shook his hand and drove off.

If anybody thinks that the Ron Paul campaign has fallen short in any way, you are greatly mistaken. I meet people like this police officer constantly. People are becoming informed and people are rejecting lies. I saw a billboard with “The Gold Standard” written across it in large letters, and what it was advertising had nothing to do with politics or economics. The Gold Standard is now mainstream, and it is seen as a very positive thing. And this is not an isolated incident either. I see the Liberty movement’s influence everywhere I go. For a year now I’ve been saying, “If Ron Paul does nothing else, he will already have done more than enough.” And yet he keeps performing, he keeps fighting, and he keeps winning. Maybe he doesn’t get confetti or balloons dropped on him, but he is winning the hearts and minds of the people. That type of winning is what changes the world.

Keep fighting the good fight, friends. You’re making more of a difference than you know.

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some jerk stole my magnet a

some jerk stole my magnet a couple weeks ago and I am still not over it. I notice it every morning when I go to work, i check it when i leave work, the stores and everything. It makes me feel so proud to see that name on my truck.
sorry... just had to rant there a minute. people are so disrespectful.

I drive an 02 VW Beetle with a Ron Paul

sticker in the back glass. A few weeks ago an older Cadillac went by on the left and threw a fountain soda out on my windshield, then whipped into a side street and disappeared. I just turned on the wipers and kept going, then stopped at the car wash and cleaned it up. Only reason I could think of was that they didn't like the Ron Paul sticker, this is a Democratic state and county. People are allowed their opinions, even if they are wrong. :-)

Have a great day and a better election!!
Ron Paul 2012!!

Time to Upgrade!

That's just an indicator it's time to upgrade. =) I put a huge window sticker on both of my cars, and we love them! You can read them from a few hundred yards away! I found some great quality stickers here...



p.s. The blue on the "A" of PAUL is optional. Personally, I prefer it without blue, as the blue makes it harder to make out the letter.

THANKS!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

THANKS!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! buying mine now!

I had a similar experience

a couple days ago with a sheriff who pulled me over and we talked Ron Paul.

Saw a Ron Paul Billboard on I-75 FL

Driving down I-75 (One of the most traveled highways in FL) to Lake Butler and saw a hugh Ron Paul Billboard! I see Ron Paul signs everywhere but the billboard was a surprise. I've had Stangers ask me for RP bumper stickers at gas stations and people honk and wave at me when they see my Ron Paul bumber sticker in traffic too. Its great!

"When I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as 'free enterprise.' I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and to live..." - Robert A. Taft


If the MSM had not been bought and paid for, we would have president Ron Paul by now.

Really, it is only their appalling lack of professionalism that has prevented the word getting out more widely.

In another four years, fewer will watch the MSM than ever, and we will still be growing the movement without them.

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i'm seeing money bombs everywhere now

while i think that the phrase "Gold Standard" might have been around and heard it since i was a kid, in topics not related to sound money or politics, i am now seeing money bombs for the people sueing Monsanto (the GMO company). I am seeing money bombs and its phrase being used in local politics and other events as well.

i'm seeing money bombs everywhere now

while i think that the phrase "Gold Standard" might have been around and heard it since i was a kid, in topics not related to sound money or politics, i am now seeing money bombs for the people sueing Monsanto (the GMO company). I am seeing money bombs and its phrase being used in local politics and other events as well.

Actually, the FR is a

Actually, the FR is a combination of Federal and Private.


its not! its in cooperation with USA Corp.which is not part of the Republics Govt. I know what Grifen says but he has recanted!

he was quoting the cop...

he was quoting the cop...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Clear indication that the rEVOLution is picking up momentum!

And spreading truth to local law enforcement. Isn't it great to talk to a cop and feel like both of you are fellow human beings and not one above the other in any way? I bet it does!

The Ron Paul Campaign and the Ron Paul Revolution are two separate things and only one of the two MAY end. However, in recent days it does indeed seem like more progress has been made and is continuing to behind the scenes which has me very excited for Tampa. Will be watching from Canada!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Glad u met a good one, and

Glad u met a good one, and thanks for the excellent post. You ain't just whistling Dixie, either--'tis true.

I love reading

these stories. Thanks for sharing.

I don't know

what's going on, but I have definitely noticed a larger percentage of RP supporters lately as well.
People that are somewhat knowledgeable about the federal reserve, sick of the war, sick of the spending.

(I visit with different people everyday. It's my job)

It seems like now that Santorum and Gingrich and others aren't wooing everyone for their vote, they are turning a VERY sympathetic ear to the issues RP is talking about, and strangely enough, everyone is holding out hope for him.

I would have thought everyone thought he was out of the race, but no.

Makes me much more optimistic about Tampa, and about the possible reaction from other republicans if we managed to pull it off.
Trust me, there would be far more sighs of relief than there would be complaints!


You read it wrong. You were doing 40mph. The cop stopped you

just to chat about Ron Paul.


Maybe so! Good thing my boss

Maybe so! Good thing my boss doesn't care that I was late to work :)

Stories like these give me hope

I recently had some friends inform me they voted for Ron after being convinced by some facebook RP videos I shared.The horse is out of the barn.The horse of truth,freedom, and peace.This horse is a bucking bronco and can no longer be held down!lol


The message is reaching critical mass! You see we win no matter what happens at the convention!

Hey, if that cop ever pulls you over again, tell him about the CSPOA, I bet he would like to join!

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn.:


If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


back in January i had a State Trooper pull me over for speeding, saw my Ron Paul bumper stickers, and we had a full on half hour conversation on Monetary Policy and Foreign Policy [His son is still in Iraq]. After that he said he will be voting for Dr. Paul but he still had to write me a ticket >=P

Gotta love NJ

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


Did he ever mention the speed? Or did he only talk about Ron Paul and say that that was a warning?


yes we briefly went through the regular jumble, didn't think it was worth posting about

Well, I hope you take his warning and drive the speed limit.

When I see people with any bumper sticker on the back of their car I have mixed feelings, especially when I see Christian stickers and then the guy flips off another for cutting him off. Follow the law to the letter, if the law is wrong change it. That's how Ron Paul wins.
Great story.

Actions speak louder than stickers :)

In 2008 it was all about blimps billboards and saturation yard signs - yes it raised awareness but did it change attitudes?

Get involved with your community, get to know your police force, don't push the Paul agenda but let it come up in natural conversation. First show you are a good citizen then reveal your politics. This is how you will win the minds and most importantly, the hearts of American citizens.

If we act civilized in all aspects of our lives (including community involvement) then we may just save civilization.

I always take a risk and talk

I always take a risk and talk to cops. Yes, it's a risk but done right it can have positive results. I even had a hand in turning 80% of our local police force into Oath Keepers who filed a Vote of No Confidence against their boss, The Chief. I usually start by giving them a Super Brochure and usually talk about the economy and the socialist system we've built. Most LEO's are pretty conservative. It's usually the brass that are the real morons!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Funny. Similarly, my

Funny. Similarly, my girlfriend got pulled over driving my car and the cop says, " I have a few of those myself.". She wasn't sure if he was referring to my vet plates with the medal decal or the RP bumper stickers. Turned out it was the stickers! She got a warning as well. Good stuff. And good story Zachariah.