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Microsoft Censors the Free Software Foundation’s Donate Page

If you or the company you work at use the Microsoft Threat Management Gateway, then you apparently can’t access the donation page of the Free Software Foundation. The reason for Microsoft blocking the donate page is because it has been classified as a “gambling” website.

A poster on Reddit has made an interesting discovery. While at work, he decided to browse to a Free Software Foundation’s donate webpage. The URL was donate.fsf.org. The user was blocked from accessing the webpage because the page in question was allegedly a gambling website. To verify the problem, the user points to a Microsoft webpage so that others can see for themselves that this is, indeed, the case. When we tested the page, the site was put under three categories: “Gambling” (exclamation mark icon), “Technical Information” (check mark icon) and “Shareware/Freeware” (‘x’ mark icon).

Slashdot points to a response by the Free Software Foundation which says:

If Microsoft’s “reputation” database can’t tell the difference between a gambling site and an independently audited registered nonprofit public-interest charity founded almost 30 years ago, it is certainly doing you and your business more harm than good.


I have submitted a correction, asking that they remove the “Gambling” label and instead list us in their “Non-Profit/Advocacy/NGO” category.

We will avoid attributing this error to malice just yet, and wait for their correction. I will update this post if and when they respond to us.


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I still remember a few weeks

I still remember a few weeks ago when google classified the Daily Paul as having 'malware' and put a warning on it.