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Iran: and they are saying non-intervention is crazy

I have been perplexed with the current strain of media reports that now use "genocide" and "Iran" in the same sentence. I've been testing my memory and trying to think of when this occured, because now Ahmadinejad is credited with genocide and I was trying to remember what occurence of genocide this was referring to. I did some searching and realized they are talking about the misquoted "wipe Israel off the map". Not only is that not what he said, but apparently if you do say you want to wipe a country off the map it is pre-emptive genocide and it seems pre-emptive genocide now equals committing genocide. It's like a leak that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I found this article from Feb that pretty much explains why I feel this is all so crazy and why I feel our government, after doing such a good job in Afghanistan and Iraq, are inevitably going to start to work on Iran with the unwitting full support of the American people.


Why is it that Americans will not even take the time to think about something for themselves? Is it because we want to believe we are the bestest country in the world SO MUCH that we will fool ourselves into believing anything that makes it so? We are good fighting evil. We have to kill them before they kill us (or Israel) and we have the God-given right to.

This is insane. I predict World War III before the 2008 election. Any over/unders on that?

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I recently saw a show where a journalist was reminiscing about something that happened several years ago. He was in a country run by a dictator. While talking with another journalist of that country he remarked how dangerous it must be for that journalist to live under a dictator. The other journalist corrected him by saying, "No, you have it backwards. We know that everything our government says is probably a lie. You, on the other hand, believe everything your government tells you. You are the one living in danger."