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Response to Thomas Berry

This is in response to an article by Thomas Berry that appeared on The Patriot Post a little while back. I will go through line-by-line to dispel some of this misinformation. You can see the full article here.

"For example, do those who believe this claim expect Romney to be as blatantly disrespectful of the office, dignity and traditions of the presidency as Obama has been? Do they really think that a President Romney would tolerate gay rights activists using a White House reception in their honor to photograph each other making obscene gestures in front of President Reagan's portrait?"

First off, I don't think Romney would have any more control over that than Obama did. He's a terrible president, but we should have valid reasons for calling him that. More on this later. As far as your comment about the dignity and traditions of the presidency, as far as I am concerned the most important duty of the president is uphold his oath of office. I think failing to do that is the most disrespectful thing the POTUS could do. In that regard, I admit that yes, I do believe Romney would be as "blatantly disrespectful" as Obama is...

Read the full article.

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