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Exclusive: How I Became an Alternate Delegate to RNC in Tampa!


Once upon a time in a TX Senate District, a devoted Paulbot ran for SREC, but unfortunately Paulbot Song lost to the incumbent. However, he was able to garner some votes outside of his fellow Paulbots losing by just 18 votes (and Paulbot M1 narrowly lost by 2 votes in a runoff for SREC woman!) All was not lost though because the Paulbots had made many new friends that were no longer afraid of the "new people".

Paulbot Song was separated into a Congressional District that was comprised of new people he did not know. However, through the leadership of Paulbots D1, D2, and C1, the Paulbots brokered a deal. Paulbots R1 and C2 were elected as alternate delegates. A great victory was accomplished, sending Paulbot R1 to Tampa as as an alternate. She had worked tirelessly against the corrupt Establishment, and there was great satisfaction in knowing they had to begrudgingly elect one of the fiercest Paulbots on the planet.

All hope for said Paulbot going to Tampa rested on the national nominations committee. Unfortunately the nominator from his CD was not an ally. However, Paulbot Song stayed the course and sat in on the tedious proceedings and tried to make sure rules were followed and was learning how the process worked.

The day was winding to a halt and the nominators were finishing their selections for alternate delegates. The nominator for the CD had a stack of applicants of potential alternates in front of her (most likely all Paulbots). However, she stated that she didn't have a name for the committee and another CD nominator gladly offered to fill it for her.

Oh hell to the no, thought Paulbot Song as he jumped out of his seat and dashed up to the conference table. Paulbot Song stated emphatically, "I am in your CD, I want to be an alternate, my name is Sung Song!" Under the rush and pressure of eyes watching, the nominator acquiesced and put Sung Song as an alternate delegate.

That day showed this Paulbot, not to give up and remain vigilant til the end. The importance of being at the committee meetings and staying abreast of what is happening was key to success in this instance and the lessons learned will last a lifetime.

The End.

Correction: not the end...to be continued in Tampa...


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Awesome job. Way to

Awesome job. Way to persevere!