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'The Liberty LiveStream Team Show' featuring Qadoshyah and Suriyah Fish Series Premier TODAY 4-5PM EST

The Series Premier of 'The Liberty LiveStream Team Show' with Qadoshyah and Suriyah Fish will air on RonPaulTribune TV at http://show.ronpaultribune.com starting at 4PM EST!

You won't want to miss this first episode! They will be talking about their experience at the Arkansas GOP Convention over the weekend!

If you don't know about the 'Liberty Live-stream Team' they're the ones that live-streamed the Oklahoma and Texas GOP conventions. To read more about LLST and how it came about, see this: http://planet.infowars.com/politics/ron-paul-live-streaming-...

LLST Arkansas Press Release

Also, checkout the Parking Lot Patriots website and help the Oklahoma GOP delegates get to Tampa for the convention: http://www.parkinglotpatriots.com

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Too early

Prefer later in the day, post work hours

Having said that...

... I still applaud your effort and that you're getting involved. Hope it helps out the Liberty movement.

We typically would

do it later in the day, but there was some time schedule conflicts.

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

I cant figure it out

Either my computer doesn't like that site or that site doesn't like my computer. I've tried to check that site out before with the same result. I'm thinking perhaps not having a FB or Twitter account has something to do with the malfunction?

Ill see what I can do to help

Ill see what I can do to help ya, email me here: Jesse@ronpaultribune.com


Yes We Do!


Be there or be square

I'll be tuning in Qadoshyah and Suriyah - you darling LIberty Lovers!! We love you, appreciate and support all your hard work!