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Just a little optimism

Hey guys, I'm sure a lot of you have already watched the Doug Wead interview from RonPaulTribune.com with Tracy Diaz and Josh Tolley But I just watched it last night.

Link to the video:


I am feeling a little more optimistic after watching it. Doug Wead states that they have a reason for all of these delegates and will not say what they are planning to do. That starts at 8 minutes and 20 seconds in to the interview. I have no idea what that could mean. But, to me it sounds good. It tells me they have not given up.

Also at the end of the interview starting at 48 minutes. Tracy asks if the campaign has the 5 state plurality needed to be placed in to nomination and he responds, "Under rule 40 he does not need a majority in 5 states"

Just as Josh Tolley said, "You just gave hope to everyone in the chat room"

I agree. It gave me hope. I hope it gives the rest of you hope as well.

Keep youre heads up.

Ron Paul 2012!

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Romney and his billionaire cohorts

are already scheming the Iran war for this fall as a political means of ousting Obama. All just a big power-profit game to these people. Obama-Romney are the same path of destruction. Romney cannot be trusted.

Ron Paul for president is the only answer.
This can still be done!

Sure hope you're right!

I know I have to listen to that clip again but, upon hearing it the first time, I came away with the feeling that he meant winning was getting our main issues into the party platform and setting the stage for Rand next time. Kind of like the R3VOLution goes on to the next phase.

Did anyone else get that? Like I said, I have to listen to it again.

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I did kind of get that vibe

I did kind of get that vibe until the end when Josh and Tracy asked him about the 5 states.

I dont know. Maybe he did mean that, but, I took it as optimism for the outcome of RNC.

We can only hope!

Tyler Reynolds


So this means that Ron Paul is going to win the nomination, right?



Tyler Reynolds

I think he will use them 2 bargain for some huge platform change

That's just fine- but how can we be sure if Romney were to win, he would stick to the changes?

I would rather him use them to start a real revolution and get everyone to vote for him on the first round!

Romney would not keep his promises

even if a GOP platform is in place that we could live with.

I hope all of our delegates

I hope all of our delegates do vote for paul on the first ballot. i think they will!

Tyler Reynolds