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Lyme Disease Questions

Here I was worried about Flesh Eating Bacteria and you guys were great at the suggestions for my "what ifs". But now it's for real. This morning our Dr. confirmed what we guessed, our 5 1/2 yr old has Lyme's disease. I am so sad. Someone over the weekend chided me that I should have kept him indoors more, keep him covered more, etc...My kids are very active outdoorsy types, very hard workers and not allowed to mush their brains on the tv at all. Either way, the guilt trip didn't help. So the Dr. said 21 days of amoxicillin and that's it. From what my research says-that's not it! So other than adding some "good" bacteria to counter the drug, any suggestions? I'm thinking about extra measures (olive leaf extract, vit. C,....) I even thought about treating the whole family, a few complain about symptoms but have no rash ( I read that less than 10% ever even get the rash) Thanks for the help guys, I know you will come through.

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Wife, myself and son (then 5) had Lyme

So sorry to hear that, but as others have said living in the Northeast means it is very likely.

My wife had Lyme for years before knowing and it took years for her to fully recover, I caught the early symptoms and recovered in a couple of months. My then 5yo son we caught it right away.

We are all recovered but treated well beyond the recommended 3-4 weeks of antibiotics. If I were in your shoes I would take the medicine prescribed along with s. boulardii probiotics (do NOT take them at the same time, try to space them out as best you can). In the meantime try to procure more antibiotics (amox or zithro) to continue treatment for an additional month or two. If his case is not far along that should take care of it. In the meantime do anything you believe will help his immune system: vit D, sunshine, limited sugar intake, etc.

We live in NJ on the Northern NJ/Pa border so we are engaged in the same constant battle to prevent getting infected.. in that respect we use a product to spray on clothes that lasts a few weeks (6 or so washings) for clothes we wear in high risk areas - permethrin spray.

Wishing the little guy a full recovery!

I have seen tremendous results from both,

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers and micro-current (electrical) therapy.

A friends story.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection and micro-current neutralizes bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites. I specialize in the area of electric therapy and would be happy to share insights and protocols with you. Your biggest concern will be how entrenched is the bacteria in child's system.

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Try doing some research,,,

Try doing some research on Rife machines and how they have cured lyme disease. Youtube has some testimonials. Alternative healing does work for a good many people. It's something to consider.


Read the reviews...

Sounds like a book worth having for future references to improving future health.

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I Have Treated Many Patients With Lyme's Disease

My understanding is that while Lyme's disease starts off as an infectious disease, in chronic cases the problem is not peristant infection but residual biotoxins. These "leftovers" from the initial infection act to stimulate the immune system causing an inflammatory reaction.
what to do? 1. Eliminate biotoxins via use of toxin binders like Cholestyramine (a prescription medication) or natural (but less helpful alternatives like activated charcoal.2.The immune system, the hormonal system and the autonomic nervous system all need to be balanced. 3. Other toxins like heavy metals, mold and edible toxins need to be eliminated.
All of the above is best done under the supervision of a competent and experienced practicioner.

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I Too Had/Have Lyme....

I am posting this as info for you and for anyone else who wants a couple of informative links....

I had Lyme in 2009, caught it within the week or so and was treated with Doxy insisting to my doctor to give me a longer prescription for nearly 6 weeks, a term advocated by the findings of Dr. Joseph Burrescano. I have also taken MMS, starting after taking the Doxy, and do not know and may never know if the Lyme is completely gone. A Lyme test performed after a stay at my local hospital recently, came up negative.

I sometimes have arthritic pain in my fingers or knees and whether is is the latent Lyme or just age-related, I don't know but I always have on hand a bottle of Vit. A/D which TRULY takes the pain away within a day!

I also have a friend in NYC who has had it since '85 and now has a chronic case as a result of misdiagnosis. Back in the early 90s she found Dr. Burrescano in East Hampton after reading about him in the New York Times, who was the only one treating aggressively with antibios and was later "put out of business" by the thuggish NY OPMC. See here http://www.publichealthalert.org/Articles/susanwilliams/worl...

I have found a good Lyme forum/support group here http://www.mdjunction.com/lyme-disease

Then there is the movie which came out a fews years ago "Under Our Skin" which chronicles how Lyme has been politicized resulting in the needless suffering of countless thousands of people!

I have also on hand a bottle of Samento which I have never used, but as I personally feel that Lyme really never leaves the body, I will give it a try should I appear to have Lyme again.

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Don't blame yourself

for your kid getting Lymes disease. I live in PA and TONS of people I know have it. PA has one of the highest incidences of Lymes disease in the world. That and dear ticks are the size of a pin head (sometimes even smaller), so they can be very difficult to detect.

Gulf War Syndrome

There is a doctor that believes that GWS is a form of Lymes disease and he successfully treats it as such using a regimen of high dosage antibiotics. Just FYI.

There is reason to believe that this disease is a bio-weapon that escaped into the wild. It was discovered/began just across the water from a secretive biolab on the East Coast. I think that engineered organisms will prove to be far more vulnerable to the real world than their "wild" ancestors because they will have had less time to adapt. It is just a matter of learning their weaknesses.

male goats

I cannot verify this, but I have been told by owners of goats that a male, uncastrated goat one year and older gives off phermones/hormones (they smell terrible!) that will keep deer ticks at bay for a five mile radius. We are getting a few bucks next month! I hope it works!

21 days not enough

Your child also need other supplements during this time, about three months of antibiotics and vitamins/minerals/oils.
Call Dr. Steven Meress in Fond du Lac, WI. He is a Lymes expert. Maybe he can recommend someone in your area or treat your child remotely.
Best of wishes and God bless.

I just wanna say..

Over all you guys have no idea how big of a blessing you are. Our family is completely alone in our battles (and there are a few) and I cannot count how many times I have read and re-read this thread just for the info and encouragement. Very lonely to be liberty and naturally minded in our area. I am truly thankful for all you that I don't even know.

I just wanted to make a very public comment to all readers

Lyme disease is very serious, it is on the rise, and chronic lyme is said not to exist by the IDSA. Their policy has been adopted by the CDC and therefore this effects insurance coverage, disability, etc. if someone has chronic lyme. There is a huge debate regarding this among medical organizations, with many saying chronic lyme does indeed exist, yet the IDSA is the only medical organization that is given any real credibility by the powers that be. If someone is lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to get bitten by a tick and get immediate medical treatment than the disease can become chronic and the bacteria goes into hiding not only in the body, but behind the biofilms that protect it. It is unreal that our health organizations will not face the reality that this can be a devastating chronic illness, and by negating this reality they are opening thousands of innocent people up to experience enormous suffering that could possibly be preventable. From my opinion, Lyme disease is quickly becoming an epidemic and yet, deaf ears surround us all. In years to come, with the current number and trending, most of us will know someone with Lyme disease or we may have it ourselves. It will negatively effect people's lives and it is morally despicable to allow this situation to ride on its merry way. People need to contact their representatives and demand that this situation be rectified. They need to call the CDC, their governors, etc.. This is one really serious situation that really demands our attention.
I really hope you will make the calls. Our health freedom is truly at stake!


Thank you

for calling it a serious issue. Not only in the $$ aspect, but also the health aspect. Many people I have told about my son have acted like it no biggie. As if I had just told them what I had for lunch. Others though have used words like "heartbroken" and "saddened". I was just saying the other day that I don't know of a family that hasn't had to deal with cancer, it's like an epidemic. Well this week I found out that I don't know of a family that hasn't been touched by Lyme. Thanks again.

I'll leave the remedies to others but would

like to just add a comment. At a summer camp I know of in upstate New York, although the children are outside all the time, hiking through the woods, roaming fields and creeks, sometimes sleeping under the stars - in an area with deer - none ever get tics. They chalk it up to BIODIVERSITY that still exists in that area.

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Me, wife and son all went through this..

We live in NJ on the PA border, so if you want help finding a LLMD let me know.

Sounds like your case is caught early which is great, if so then do the antibiotics and try to "find" enough meds to do it for a 2-3 months instead of the 3 weeks. We did that for me and my then 5 year old son who both had early detected cases, and all indications are that we fully recovered from that treatment alone.

My wife had lyme for years before figuring it out and went through a ton of treatments: antibiotics, coil machine, rife, herbal protocol, colloidal silver, some code reading thing, etc. She is back to 90-95% and has since had a healthy happy baby, so as long as you are diligent and take responsibility for your family's health your 5yo will be fine. We did researched some of the other things mentioned like MMS, oxygen/hyperbaric chamber, olive leaf extract (though I love that stuff in general) but did not try them - even though other people have had success with them as well.

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Sorry to hear this. I had the

Sorry to hear this. I had the bulls-eye rash, so I was lucky to find out early and get on antibiotics. While I was waiting to get better, I drove myself nuts with reading about bad news. However, if you get it early, and it sounds like you did, your child should be healthy and back to normal once the meds kick in. It sounds like you are very fortunate to get an early diagnosis. Best wishes.

I have a family member with it as well.

I have spent countless hours trying to figure it out. First, it is like syphilis and it has a covering over it, so that it protects itself. The covering is called a biofilm. Serrapeptase and Lumbrokinase, particularly the latter are good at getting rid of the biofilm. Taking antibiotics or antimicrobials are to my way of thinking a total waste of time unless you get rid of the biofilms as well. Some say to do it earlier, than starting antibiotics. A good naturopath that specializes in this disease would be invaluable. The antibiotics are helpful in the first stages. I have somewhat unimpressed with its effectiveness in chronic lyme, not to mention that they are really hard on the body. My opinion is that they need to be used sparingly and intelligently. There is now different antibiotics that Dr. Marty Ross mentions and I think ALL of his you tubes regarding lyme are invaluable in getting educated. I cured MRSA twice with these three antimicrobials: high allicin garlic (it must be high allicin), wild oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract along with essential oils. Three times a day with high dosages of each. MRSA is another really nasty bacteria, it hides in the nose, Lyme disease hides in the mouth. Treating these areas is essential in my opinion. Other things like samento are key (great research on this). Teasel is also really vital, look up Lady Barbara's experience on the web. Really fascinating. Salt and Vit. C. or Apple Polyphenols also seems to get great reviews and makes a lot of sense. Wishing you the best of luck! Everybody needs to realize that this is becoming a serous epidemic and that chronic lyme is serious.


Thank you very much

Even though we have started a regimine of Ammox, silver, olive leaf, ledum and pro biotics, we were told to "switch it up" in the following 6 weeks. To try something totally different to catch whatever the current plan missed. I had NO idea where to go next but I think I will write your info down and head there next. I really appreciate your help.

I would call Dr. Ross's office and get a referral to a

Lyme literate doctor(or naturopath) in your area. From what I understand is all the antimicrobials/antibiotics in the world won't erase the biofilms, and that needs to be done first. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think it is a worthy area of research. Wishing you the best of luck!


If you stop the spirochetes

in the early stages, say the first few weeks after infection, before they have a chance to embed in the host the antibiotics will work. If not you will have it for life and lifestyle changes will be necessary.
It is an insidious disease which has been around for eons in a benign form only recently developed and mutated by our tyrannical government for dispersion among the people. Many more people are going to get Lyme Disease and we basically know nothing about how to deal with it.
What works for me and Ive had it for a year now is a garlic product called Alli-C. I wasn't lucky enough to catch the tick or rash and just started getting sick so the month long of doxy was not enough, the bugs had already embedded.
I also stay away from all sugar except erythritol/stevia.

Check out:

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Sorry to hear about this. I

Sorry to hear about this. I think you want to do a bunch of research on pubmed, and also look for a "llmd" (lyme literate doctor). Apparently it is like a fringe science where there are people on one end that take advantage of sick people by overtreating, and but mostly people on another end that do not treat properly, or dismiss chronic lyme claims outright.

There are tons of bacteria that can qualify as Lyme. You need a susceptibility report. Did this doctor do that for you? You should always get another sample and second opinion on the succeptability.

The Amoxicillan will be very gentle compared to something wild like rifampin/doxycycline combo, but I don't know if it works. Maybe your doc did a succeptability report though, you should definitely check that out with them and get the records faxed to you.

There's lots of stuff online for you to read about, but getting good papers from good publishers can be hard and frustrating sometimes. Be sure to research interactions of anything herbal you take with an antibiotic!

Good luck and God bless!

Be sure to get your child on a probiotic

Be sure to get your child on a probiotic after the antibiotics, or candida overgrowth might become an added problem.

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For the record, i never got a

For the record, i never got a rash or never knew I'd been bitten by anything and still had it. You are lucky. The current testing methods for Lyme are so bad that only about half that actually have it find it with this. The rest suffer sometimes for years until it's found in spinal fluid or something.

My brother has it. It never

My brother has it. It never goes away from what I've heard, but he was treated quickly with anti's and has been fine for 15 years or so. As long as it's caught early it seems to be easily treatable with no apparent negative effects

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I think chronic lyme can be resolved, but it

takes a great deal of work and expertise.


IF it were my child (knowing

IF it were my child (knowing what I know now about the disease) I would put them on (5) drops a day X 2 day of Samento and Banderol. Very little if any side effects noted. Has to be done on empty stomach and can't be taken together or with other medications. I would do first thing in AM and before bedtime with 20 mins in between both herbs. At some point within days, he may experience a Herx reaction (die off reaction) where you actually seem to get worse. If that happen, stop treatment until additional problems subside. Die off reactions occurr simply because the invading germ releases toxins as they die off and the body has a little challenge processing those toxins near term out of the body as waste products.That said, you should see improvement in symtoms several days after such a reaction.

Thank you

Can I get these at an Herbal/natural store? Online may take a while.


Both my Granddaughter and my dog had neuro lyme. This is not the arthritic type. It gets into the CNS. My granddaughter had ALS type symptoms. It came on fast, withing two weeks. She could not even stand up. Her Ped tried to Dx her with MS and when he did the tests for Lyme they came back negative. That's because it was in her CNS. Lucky for me I had an MD in N.H. that was a natropath and lucky for me he was also a Lyme literate MD. He did other tests that test for the Lyme DNA and proteins. Anyway she had two positive bands and he put her on oral doxy. He said we were lucky because usually when it gets into the CNS you can only treat it with IV antibiotics because the doxy does not cross the blood brain barrier that well. Lucky for her it did. She was on doxy twice a day for 5 months. Also a real expensive probiotic. She had a few relapses and I used the samento. Its been over a year and no more symptoms.

The short version is that yes

The short version is that yes Lyme is a concerning illness and that you shouldn't be scared to death, but should take immediate action to protect your child. The good news is that it appears that you cought it early where you can stamp it out with the right treatment. Good thing is (in a way) it's a child who tend to bounce back pretty quickly. Most "problem children" with Lyme tend to be us adults. I would get you child's bacterial load levels checked after the antibotics in terms of ELISA/ reaction level tests.

Activated Charcoal

I've read that activated charcoal is a good remedy for LD. Here is a link that might be helpful