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What Happens to Rand Paul if Romney Wins?


What I don’t think Rand Paul was considering when endorsing Romney, was that he might have helped himself become irrelevant till 2020. If the endorsement was enough help to gain enough Tea Party folk to come out and vote for Romney, or at least vote against Obama, it means that Rand Paul can’t run for President till the earliest 2020. Which also means that till 2020, he’s just one guy, with one vote, among 99 senators. The Liberty movement is not going to sit around and wait for Rand to possibly become President in 2020.

Lets also not forget that While Rand waits for his moment in the sun, he’ll also have to defend his Senate seat in 2016. As we’ve seen lately, no Senate or Congressional seat is safe in either party. In 2006 and 2008 the tide was with the Democrats. In 2010 and likely 2012, the tide is with Republicans.

If Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts is a prediction of how he’d do as President, my guess is after a few years of Romney the country will once again think they need Democrats. Rand might be in for a tough Senate battle in 2016, and might not have the same support from the Liberty movement like he had in 2010.

It’s possible Romney might pick Rand Paul as his VP. If that’s the case, Rand is now reduced from a daily vote, to a tie breaking vote, till 2020.

So who has the most to gain with Ron Paul retired and Rand Paul tied up? Whomever the 2016 Libertarian Presidential nominee is. It will also be a political windfall for the Libertarian Party. The amount of money that has gone to the Ron Paul campaign, instead of Gary Johnson’s campaign, must be frustrating to the Libertarian party.

If Romney wins, 2016 will be the first time since 2004, that the Libertarian Presidential nominee doesn’t have to compete with a Paul. The amount of registrations, donations, and volunteers lost to the Paul campaign, will now be up for grabs. Up for grabs that is, unless the Libertarian Party nominates a no name, or someone that doesn’t excite the Liberty movement like Ron Paul was able to do.

The Liberty movement is very particular about who they get behind. The person’s record needs to be as close to perfect as was Ron Paul’s, or they won’t hesitate to write in a candidate, or just give up on the political process.

The Libertarian party has a real chance at uniting the Liberty movement behind them. With the right candidate, they have a real chance at taking on the corrupt two-party system and winning. This could also be the Libertarian Party’s last chance to get it right.

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if Romney wins and turns out

if Romney wins and turns out to be a sh*tty president like we all expect, Rand can "primary" Romney in 2016. Romney also made promises and commitments to Rand (audit Fed included), and if broken will provide a rationale for the challenge. If the economy sucks in 2016/2016, then all the more reason to run.

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This whole subject doesn't matter for Romney is NOT

and I repeat NOT going to win without us. LoL! The Republican Party has Shit in their own nest! Only Chickens do that. Only Chicken eat their own shit. This election, the republican Chicken Sh&t Eaters will get what they deserve.

I am sorry my friends but Obama IS GOING TO WIN this election. The Republican party deserves it. Roger Villere from Louisiana should take most of the Blame. I, for one will make sure that OBAMA wins just to spite this piece of corrupt shit!

I also will piss on his grave. The saving grace is I had a dream and saw how it was going to happen. His best friend is going to stick him . From there the piece of crap is going to die from his worst fears.

Dreams can portend the best or worst in human nature. My dreams have NEVER lied. What I have seen is going to come to pass. Hello Obama, Good bye Villere( I spit on your grave for YOU could have stopped it, May you suffer in hell! Only you, Roger, can change HISTORY.).


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

"What Happens to Rand Paul if

"What Happens to Rand Paul if Romney Wins?" Right now I do not care. As far as I am concerned, Rand has made his bed and now he can lie in it. I do not care if he is comfortable.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!