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Yahoo Poll: Election Winner Won't Affect Economy Much!

Duh!!! That's what we've been saying! Finally people are waking up and it's up to us to lead them in the right direction. Guys I'm so excited about this poll, because it just shows that it's not over! Not by a long shot! Let's do it y'all.... http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/news/poll-election-winner-...

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I hope y'all do the same!

This last month I'm gonna be spending every second, every minute exposing Mitt Romney for the bum that he is! It's a shame that we pick people like this to be our president! Freaken criminals, that's all they are! Newt, both Rick's, Herman, Mitt, all of them! Except Ron Paul, but I forgot people don't care about stuff like that! Lol.You know like following the constitution, obeying your oath, it's a freaken joke to them and I'm sick of it! It's Ron Paul or no one for me....

juan maldonado