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Fantastic David Icke Interview

David Icke explains what we all need to do to create the world we want to live in. This may seem far out to some but to me this is basic truths and David Icke explains it better than he has ever done before.

And of course Ron Paul has been doing it in exactly this way for decades.

In the liberty movement many are now asking "Where do we go from here?". I suggest watching this interview as to me it answers this essential question.


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Watched the whole Video....head filled with liberty now and

want to say more but not now. Just a big thank you for bringing this to the light and allowing many to at least come into range of the Rabbit Hole.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

You are welcome

I find David Icke very inspiring and I see him as one of the world's last true investigative reporters who is willing to present the data as it is without staying within the limitations that we put on things due to our brainwashing by the society around us all through our lives.

Yes, David Icke has devoted his life to revealing what is real..

...yet we, as a people who dwell on Earth, are blocked from reality. Evidence of that shows up with movies, television, radio, books, and plays and of course public education.

Rather than launch off with anything negative I would rather stay very upbeat and positive about what David gave to us even though at first glance it seemed as a very difficult pill to swallow. Still, David showed clearly the fact that we do have two sets of phsics, or perhaps even more operating in our 3D world. David took me on a tour of another demension that I realize does exist yet my conscious mind at times refuses to accept until David explained how this darkness works.

David allluded to the one thing that can PUT some breakes on to hold back some of the terrible forces that have captured humanity. I sense that David meant that we ought to stray away from being involved in situtations where our emotions become dark like at boxing matches, football games, baseball, certain movies, where our emotions run out of balance toward the negative which only feeds the dark ones.

I came away with the thought that we must rewire ourselves and become something such as like a Light House which actually beams out a Bright Light to those who travel on the waters of Earth. Now, we know that there are two essential power ideas which really do produce healing, light, and good feelings. Those two words are love and gratitude. These dark forces cannot operate around such powerful forces as love and gratitude and it has been shown that distance is not a factor since we are dealing with forces that are interdementional, or even quantum.

A Channel for Abraham, Esther Hicks has said this: "Nothing matters more to me than than I feel good." I believe that this idea, when PUT in actual daily practice, generates such a powerful light which would, in reality, keep the dark energy at bay, at least to an individual. Still, those who choose to act as a LIGHT can use those ideas to send to all on Earth and even out to the Cosmos since time and space are not a factor on the level which we are discussing.

Thank you so very, very much for this topic. Hopefully, others would find themselves being able to relate to these dark forces which feed off our negative emotions and who work day and night to see to it that we keep in as much a negative state as possible.

Love and Gratitude to the Dark Ones....

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate