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The Only Reason Dr. Paul Did Not Become President In 1988...

The Internet wasn't available to the public until the early 90's.

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I don't know if that was the

I don't know if that was the only reason, but it was certainly a factor. (After all, the internet existed in 2008 but Paul didn't become president then.) I never heard that Paul ran in 1988 until years afterwards. I don't recall any news stories about his campaign. The lamestream media completely avoids coverage of third party candidates. Also, third party candidates are never invited to televised debates. We are locked into a corrupt two party system with full MSM complicity.


But we are in a transition period regarding the internet even now. The web is not the primary place where most of America goes to get their news just yet. They have abandoned newspapers but have not yet completely abandoned the boob tube, but the tide is turning and it will take time.

Having said that, the major news media - the major networks, NYT, WaPo, LATi, are all struggling, by hook or crook to take the high ground on the Internet and reclaim their roles in controlling news. I for one - and I'm over 50 - totally resist their efforts and never hit any of the mainstream media's internet versions if I can possibly help it.

The Internet is the greatest thing to happen to information in the history of man - allowing essentially open access to everyone. It's as if the entire planet were allowed to shout to make their voices heard - but digitally, vs. audibly. And in the end, after sifting through all the noise, the truth will out, if the powers that be don't control things the way they are in China and other parts of the world.

When that happens - and we've broken thru the turing point on the curve (for technology, that's usually about 10% penetration), in my opinion, the tide will really turn in a significant way. Just like it did with the telephone, the TV, the washer-dryer, and the iPad.

Our day will come - too bad Dr. Paul will not be around to reap the glory.

The only reasons Dr Paul did

The only reasons Dr Paul did not become president and the only reason one of Dr Paul's mentors Harry Browne did not become president is because it's not a free country, the elections are nearly totally rigged just like in countries we used to laugh at but more importantly is the reasons for this metamorphosis from free, peaceful, moral and enlightened to unfree, aggressive and murderous, immoral and ignorant.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

mentor Harry Browne?????

Man, I've been following Dr. Paul for six years now.... Never heard or read that one anywhere - except from your post above. Not saying they weren't friends or had mutual respect for each other or anything... Mentor is kinda out there.

You are right.The internet changed everything.

I first became a Ron Paul fan after seeing the "Ron Paul moment"with Guiliani in the debates on youtube.I was planning on voting for Guiliani in the primaries because I thought he seemed"apolitical".Ron's honesty shone through like a sunbeam and woke me up.I still think if Ron could just get on the ballot in the general election whether as republican,libertarian or independent, he could win.The most frustrating part of all this was the fact that many people who wanted to vote for Ron did not register republican to vote for him in the primaries.To this day I have not seen even one compelling argument by an Obama or Romney supporter on why to vote for their guy.All I see from them is"the other guy is bad,don't support him".It is kind of like a twillight zone episode!lol

hmmm . . .

interesting idea--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

he couldn't get into the debates

and typical media blackout. Too bad he isn't on the Libertarian ticket now. Then we could see how much the Internet could bypass those problems. Gary Johnson has his work cut out for him.

Actually, it's very good

that Dr. Pauls not on the Libertarian ticket right now. He's kind of been working for decades within the Republican party so that real libertarians could have a voice. I agree, Gary Johnson has his work cut out for him as he will have to debate Obama and Dr. Paul in the Fall(and with Dr. Paul on stage, it's not going to be very pretty...for Obama OR Johnson). Also, if Johnson's somehow the Libertarian candidate again in 2016, the only chance he'd have at getting elected is if Dr. President Paul does not run for a 2nd term.

De criminalize Liberty!

gary johnson is a red herring

he doesn't have the drive to go any further in his political career Not sure why he is even discussed as the future of anything. The only work that should be addressed is HOW to get RP in. If Romney was arrested for Fraud for instance.....we would have Dr Paul as president.