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RT Abby Martin & Tim Cavanaugh of Reason discuss MA's Illegal Purge of RP Delegates!


Paul delegates disqualified from the RNC
Published on Jun 25, 2012 by RTAmerica

Ron Paul supporters are known for the refusal to give up and the GOP has taken note. Now, 17 Ron Paul delegates were disqualified from representing the state of Massachusetts for not signing an affidavit that swears their allegiance to Mitt Romney. In the past, the Republican Party has never required delegates to go through the affidavit process. Tim Cavanaugh, managing editor for Reason.com, joins us to find out why now.

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From Ben Swann's FB


Federal lawsuit over the binding of delegates expected to be heard before U.S. Circuit Court judge the second week of July. This is a letter to Reince Preibus and the heads of state Republican parties to cease intimidation of delegates and to reinstate Masschusetts delegates

Will update my thread.


Take them to court

Out here in Washington State, in the Pierce County GOP convention, I paid to attend a convention that was run according to the GOP's rules. There was a contract, a meeting of the minds. In exchange for my payment, the Pierce County GOP was to provide a convention run according to the rules. I did my part by paying and the GOP defaulted by not providing a convention according to the rules. I am thinking of bringing suit against the county GOP for not only the convention fee I paid but for the waste of my time to attend the convention and the time I spent in the 6 months prior to the county convention, about $10,000 in total. If other RP folks who were cheated out of a convention or other delegate selection process that was not run according to the rules filed law suits against the various GOP organizations, we could cost the GOP many tens of millions of dollars defending their egregious behavior. The huge monetary cost to the various GOP organizations coupled with the negative publicity would be a good for the GOP and the liberty movement.


this guy flip flops almost as much as Romney! Abby you countered so very well!

Good, pointed questions asked by Abby Martin...

...but I still don't believe that Dr. Paul has "spit the bit" in this horse race. If he is not a threatening contender, then why does the GOP open themselves up to looking like total jerks? They are desperately trying to block Ron Paul from acquiring the magical number of 5 states majority by hook or crook. If Dr. Paul does not have the numbers to get "drafted" by his supporters, than I hope he runs representing the Constitution party, or independently. He does not owe the Republican Party one red cent! I knew politics was a dirty business, but there has been unprecedented cutthroat antics by the GOP this primary election. America is in worse shape than I feared.

Rand Paul on Reason Magazine Cover

Don't forget this past post....http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?290383-Rand-makes-cover-of-Reason-Magazine-quot-interesting-quot
With his Illuminati hand sign....

Since when did she start working there??


Tha affadavits are illegal - have to be - that guy has to be

wrong on the matter. Anything on bombs or finiancial support for a legal challenge - anything about any of the delegates filinf suit in MA/

My post is otherwise useless...

But....that chick is pretty hot!

T Shirt Sales?

really? this guy is pathetic.

Run 3rd Party Ron!

These criminal GOPs are not respecting the delegate process or the voters. They already knew who they wanted from the start and the straw vote, the delegates was all a BIG SHOW to blind us that we have a primary process. The GOP is literally telling us Paul supporters that are voice dosnt count. I dont expect them to let you speak at the convention Dr. Paul. These people dont want liberty. Please Dr. Paul run third party lets show them. The independents are on our side along with some democr..s and repub...s.. we could win this.... i will support you and i know that everyone will support you this is our last chance. we need to continue until the very end.

GO RON GO....!!!

Electric Wire

So much money given to Dr.

So much money given to Dr. Paul's campaign by so many people. You would think that if the GOP never had any intentions at all to allow Dr. Paul to have a voice of some kind, they should've said it a long time ago. What the GOP has done is very sad and they will, without a doubt, be losing many people who were long-time Republicans. It seems to me that the GOP wants that...."get out of our tent". But little do they understand it's political suicide.

"Ron Paul is so humble that he stands tall."

Some heart warming moments with these two commentators who so obviously respect Ron Paul. Both are quite open about not being impressed with Romney or Obama.

Nothing to do but keep walking in strength, integrity, and courage.

Ron Paul for President.

reedr3v's picture

I guess compared to the sleeping, docile

herd we seem "rowdy" just by standing up for Liberty instead of obeying the dictates of the Establishment.

I remember in 2008 thinking

I remember in 2008 thinking that Romney was not a serious candidate and I cannot think of anything he has said worth listening to. He is not inspiring in any way. He has no original ideas. He has personal ambitions like Obama that are not necessarily inspired. An empty shell. I truly wish it was not so because both Obama and Romney are simply very weak characters. History will look back upon these characters and frown. How do we end up voting for these characters? There was so much enthusiasm for Obama, especially considering McCain/Palin as the alternative. I do not know too many politicians less appealing than McCain/Palin, and now Romney. Obama just seems unqualified and weak. Double-minded and defensive. Pretending to know what he is doing. He has no clue. No clue. He needs to just admit it.

If Ron Paul does not become president I believe our country will have a disaster and the elites will try to take control. The government will use more force than ever in the name of "keeping peace." People will speak freely at their own peril. Many will leave the states entirely and wait and watch from another place. The worst case is America becomes identical to a European socialism but with more censorship and government control because many Americans will resist unlike in Europe.

Hope for the best. It seems like we have to win this war.

I stopped watching after I

I stopped watching after I heard Cavanaugh say "It is in the bag for Romney."

Yeah, Reason sucks

I learned that from the last election in 2008, and they continue to suck today. They're just a little bit better than establishment media.

I hear from people they used to be good, but I've never seen it. Something must have happened at some point - they probably started taking money from the wrong sources or were bought out.

Spoken like a coward.

The Patriot: "In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

The soul and substance of what customarily ranks as patriotism is moral cowardice -- and always has been."

Mark Twain in "Mark Twain's Notebook," 1935, page 394

How is that?

It's cowardly to point out that Reason sucks?

You missed a good interview.

You missed a good interview.

Yeah because you like hearing

Yeah because you like hearing Romney has it in the bag.

Go ahead and endorse Rominee

He has failed to get my vote. His party has failed to distinguish themselves from their frenemies the Democrats. They have failed in so many ways and continue to force the failures of livestock on real men and women.

Wow that Abby raises the bar for RT though. Just about any gal talking about Ron Paul is A++ in my book.

Saw it via Roku. Cavanaugh sounds just like an Establishment

spokes hole.

They must be taking establishment money

Either that or they have poor direction.

He basically said that the

He basically said that the whole process is a predetermined hoax at the end. I like em