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WARNING Ousted Massachusetts Delegates: Beware Jesse Benton

Dear Massachusetts delegates, The situation is more convoluted than it may at first appear. Jesse Benton is working for Romney. That's right -- Dr Paul has been betrayed and may not even be aware of it. Moreover, in trying to convince ousted delegates to take NO LEGAL ACTION, Benton is attempting to sabotage any chance of Ron Paul's name being put in nomination.

Please watch the video below. Draw your own conclusions. Massachusetts was the 5th State required to implement a Rule 40 nomination. It is imperative that ousted Delegates file their grievances at electionfraudremedy.com. Do not let Mr. Benton convince you otherwise, or we may all have to live with the unfortunate consequence.


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Et tu Brute?

Caesar's line to one he thought was on his side at the stabbing in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ah! I Have Quoted Shakepeare Often

"Friends, Republicans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Paul, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Paul. The noble Romney
Hath told you Paul was ambitious:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Paul answer'd it.
Here, under leave of Romney and the rest -
For Romney is an honourable man;
So are they all, all honourable men. . ."

(((*Cough* *Cough*)))

For all you "down" voters, this quote is a form for SARCASM. It is a play on a famous Shakespearean passage, which is meant to be read in the reverse, the contrary.

When Antony says, "Brutus is an honourable man" (in this case "Romney is an honourable man"), he is implying quite the opposite. It is an EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES scenario.

Anthony speaks a falsehood that is so dramatically inaccurate that his words cause them to question his logic and, in the process, to rethink their own beliefs.

Please lighten up! This comment is satirical. I am, after all, the person who posted the original topic. The point here is to read this language as coming from the the GOP, the establishment, and the presstitutes. 400 years after the original words were written, this is the very same kind of garbage the establishment is doling out today.


Kudos to you LadyHawk for standing up to the Benton/Preibus/Romney machine that has hijacked this website! At least there are still a few of us who will never trust that snake ever again. Thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth. It's obvious that there are a lot of paid and/or brainwashed Benton-goons on this website. It's breathtaking just how deep this corruption runs. I've never seen anything like it. The campaign was truly taken over from within. And RP, God bless him, has obviously been duped in a very vile and conniving way.


(And that's NOT coming from the dog on Romney's rooftop.) Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Now, let's get all those ousted Massachusetts delegates to join the Federal lawsuit. That was the point of my post. We need their numbers.

The lawsuit should definitely

The lawsuit should definitely go forward.

Downvotes are on benton/romney side.

i can't believe the downvotes for those comments here that are critical of benton telling delegates to not do this. they are romney-paul supporters.


what to believe

I really don't know what to believe with the "betrayal" issue from people inside the campaign. Bottom line is that it's basically not relevant and that's what I want to say. Washington was betrayed by Benedict Arnold. Someone is going to betray Ron Paul and this campaign. It's human nature. The question is, what are you gonna do about it?
Keep working for liberty and Ron Paul. The rest is all distractions.
Keep your eye on the prize!

Good Poinst Sparky!

Also, stay in prayer!
If there is any hope of us being victorious, it will ONLY be through the help of Almighty God!
Lord, hear our prayers!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Thank you! That is the Very Point of this Post

The ousted Massachusetts delegates are reportedly failing to sign up as Plaintiffs in the Federal lawsuit. We need their numbers. Period.

electionfraudremedy com has nothing to do with the lawsuit

electionfraudremedy com has nothing to do with the lawsuit only this Law firm does http://www.gilbertandmarlowe.com/index.htm

ohhhh SEE this is exactly what I kept bumping up against....

What exactly is the relationship between electionfraudremedy and "the lawsuit" by GilbertandMarlowe and Lawyers for Ron Paul?

While I think the whole effort to get National Guard to protect delegates would be really quite impressive - almost to the point of a PR Stunt - and I think it is GOOD to shine the light on the cr@p that Ron Paul people are enduring, I still don't quite get how all of these entities work together - do they? or are they even supposed to work together? I have often wondered if there wasn't more than one "lawsuit" going on.

I found it interesting in Tracy Diaz's recent interview with Doug Wead that Mr. Wead said more than once "Ron Paul has to be responsible for the use of his name. He has to protect his name..." I thought, "wow...that's an interesting message seeing as Ron Paul has had issues with Newsletters and now Lawyers for, using his name." Yet Mr. Wead did not seem to know much about this lawsuit. Nor the Veterans March on the Convention. His response was "fascinating." when Tracy informed him what it was all about.

So anyhow - back to my question: how do these lawsuit websites and organizations fit together?

Good Question!! I'll Give It My Best Shot

Richard Glibert is one of the principals at GilbertandMarlowe law firm. He is also a patriot and a devote Ron Paul supporter. Jerry Davis and his sister Bonnie have some affiliation with legal matters, but I get the sense that they are not lawyers per se. They started the group "Lawyers for Ron Paul" on Facebook.

When the movement around legal issues began to take shape and attract hundreds of volunteers, Gilbert got involved and offered to pitch in, head the masses and file a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit. That's where we are with it right now.

Gilbert is extremely determined -- all piss and vinegar. He has said things like: "For Romney to get elected, he is going to have to get past ME." And he means it. He has taken on this mission in order to assure that Ron Paul's name is on the ballot. The goal is to win the nomination.

When the Ron Paul Campaign started wavering and couldn't make up its mind what it's goal was, Gilbert said: "Step aside. If you don't know where you're going, we shall show you. We are now taking over the campaign -- with or without your permission. Consider this a mutiny. To Liberty!" (These are NOT direct quotes; so if you find fault with them, the fault may be mine, not Gilbert's.)

I suspect that Richard Gilbert will make a name for himself with this lawsuit. I also believe that making a name for himself is NOT what motivates him in this case. He is a lawyer, and he is doing what lawyers do -- for Liberty! People like him, Edward True, and Matt MacDonald will all be remembered when this ordeal is over -- or not. That, my friends, is where WE come in.

Thank you LadyHawk

Maybe what you explained should be more clear to folks from the get-go.
Thank you for taking the time to explain all this as best you could. I really do appreciate it.

Thank You for Seeing the Positive Purpose in All This

Genuine appreciations!

The fact that you even posted this ...

supposedly separate issue on this thread ...

makes things infinitely more clear.

Thank you for that.

It makes one wonder whether Karl Rove is behind this fraud of a lawsuit.

Because there is no doubt that he paid this very nice lady on the youtube link to say what she said.

Money makes even nice people say things that aren't true.

God Bless.

No sir. Many great men have

No sir. Many great men have been surrounded by people who do not have their best interest in mind. Ron Paul is not perfect. But we have a right to get answers from the campaign. Benton wasted our money. There were so many instances in which the campaign failed to prepare or take advantage. Why wasn't their an official campaign videographer? Why wasn't their a microphone when Ron was holding press conferences. He looked like a senile deaf man. Benton could have provided these things.

Patience and Unity

Patience and Unity through the convention.


have no respect for you whatsoever, since you are the enemy of Ron Paul and his people.

To Whom are you referring?

Who is 'you' in "... have no respect for YOU whatsever ..."

This is not clear.


when I posted my comment, it was aimed at the OP who is obviously a shill for the absurd lawyer group.
At that time, the video was not up.

However, now that the video is up, I also will expand my comment to have no respect for Adam Kokesh and no respect for that Penny nobody idiot shill that Adam dug up for his smear campaign.

So, in summation, I don't respect any of the idiots in the OP thread header.


right as usual.

The video of him walking

The video of him walking outside of romneys little get together still rings in my head...

This is pure crap Ladyhawk.

It is pure fantasy.

You are insinuating that Ron Paul is an idiot.

Is that what you wish to convey?

This lady is a "political consultant" IN TEXAS.

Do you know what that means?

It means you don't get paid unless Karl Rove writes the check.

Another disgruntled former employee.

Kokesh should distance himself from these comments if he wishes to have a future political career.

The Whole Point of this Post Is to Encourge the Ousted Delegates

L4RP is reporting that Massachsetts delegates are lagging behind in joining the Federal Lawsuit because of the misadvice of Benton. L4RP is also of the opinion that if the ousted delegates join the suit, the judge will re-instate their status.

The RNC in Tampa is drawing near, and we need all the numbers we can get. The Federal Lawsuit is being fast-tracked and may be one of the only vehicles available to us to counter the establihments tactics. Not to lose sight of the point, this post is to encourage the ousted Massachusetts delegate to join the Federral Lawsuit at www.electionfraudremedy.com

Thank you!

Then why fill it with anti-Benton filth ...

and give that obviously paid "consultant" and possibly a disgruntled former employee any credibility in your post.

You want the delegate names?

You have a funny way of achieving that goal.

You alienated probably 90% of them by attacking the campaign.

Completely CLASSLESS ... in my opinion.

Jesse Benton

Has been playing you for years, my guess is he is a excellent manipulator and has taking advantage of RP

Look at the salary he drew from our donations, we are paying to be screwed over.

Jesse Benton does not have experience to run a campaign - no less get paid 600,000 for his services

Someone who would take a salary like that from family, what makes you think he wouldn't take a payoff from someone outside the family just as easy

He's been paid off and made a deal, his actions always proved that to me

This time there is a chance to stop it.

Sorry, it never added up

I hope I get proved wrong

I don't know where to begin with this.

Ron Paul wrote those checks to Benton.

You should be angry with him, not his employee.

Personally, I couldn't care less what Benton makes. It is a point that is not on point, so I usually ignore those types of attacks.

Secondly, Ron Paul's campaign is run and orchastrated by Ron Paul, so if you have a problem with the campaign you should be critical of Paul, not his employees.

Thirdly, you are believing an ex employee that is now a "political consultant" in Texas. You think there are no alterior motives in what she is saying. If she is a "political consultant" in Texas she must be earning a living by doing something political. So ... I think I see you more clearly now.

Thank you for that.

I don't think I will waste any future time responding to your comments.

will the Grassroots tow the line

or crank the dam volume up!
this is the time to raise that roof!

Jesse May Well be Working to Keep Ron from Being Slaughtered

Something's happened. Many of us know it in our gut. Rand, Jesse, Doug... they didn't all just SUDDENLY become traitors. The Paul's have been threatened. That's the only rational explanation (that I can come-up with) for what's transpired over the last few weeks. These aren't "comic book bad guys". They're truly evil and they will do anything to win.

There was no need to go so far as to threaten violence:

Between the MSM whitewash and blackout, the reporting of bogus caucus and election results, the inability of people to count and report actual vote totals, unreported rampant cheating at caucuses and conventions across the country, why worry?

Free includes debt-free!