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Lawyers For Ron Paul - Conference Call - 1,000 Capacity - Please Join Us, thank you.

What’s REALLY going on with Lawyers for Ron Paul and the National Delegates Case filed against the RNC/GOP? GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH THIS WEDNESDAY!

Join Richard Gilbert, the attorney for the delegates, and David Callihan, Operations Manager for Lawyers for Ron Paul. www.electionfraudremedy.com Date: June 27, 2012

Time: 9pm EST

CALL IN: 805-399-1200 Access Code: 764355

For more info until then, visit www.ronpaulone.com

Please help us spread this information far and wide for Ron Paul supporters that need their questions answered. We have had enough speculation and infighting and we understand your concerns. Please place this wherever you see posts that mean to undermine the delegates case. Thank you!

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I attended one of these "meetings". It turned out that they really didn't want the meeting announced on the daily paul, and they changed the code so only those invited could attend. Not sure if the situation is the same today, but maybe you should ask before you announce?