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Action Now: Utah Primaries Tuesday 26 - Comment Pro Ron Paul In a local (Logan) Utah, Newspaper.

0. Get In the link
1. Register (30sec)
2. Chose a story
3. Comment with an info about tomorrow semi-closed primaries - spin your favorite line on why only Ron Paul. Let them know that we will stand our ground in Tampa. Be human and lively. By now almost everyone hates the FED.


Now, in this DP thread below you have access to ALL Utah newspapers - you have to manouver a bit to get a direct link. Choose one or a few.


Utah needs to be enlightened for tomorrow, and later on! Please report in the comments so we know which paper you are reading.

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Early voting off to slow start in Cache County



"The primary will be June 26.

The key local Republican races include Utah House of Representatives, State Legislative District 4, in which Ed Redd, a well-known community physician, faces incumbent Rep. David Butterfield. In the County Council race for Logan Seat No. 1, Eric Collins, a retired Logan police captain, squares off with incumbent Councilman Cory Yeates.

Other GOP contests include the presidential race (Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Fred Karger, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich), U.S. Senate (Dan Liljenquist and Orrin Hatch), state attorney general (John Swallow and Sean Reyes) and state auditor (John Dougall and Auston Johnson).

On the Democratic ballot, Ryan Combe faces Donna McAleer for U.S. Congressional District 1. And on the Constitution Party ballot, Kirk Pearson goes up against Brandon Nay for governor."

Ron Paul ... forever.

Now ther is one comment - and 2 twits

"It is really good to know from your article that Mitt Romney is not the only contestant in the presidential elections and is not yet a nominee. That will be decided in Tampa Convention. I am told that Ron Paul supporters will make sure that the platform of their camp is well known to all Americans. Before you vote tomorrow in Utah primaries make sure that you know all you need to know about Ron Paul vs. Romney:
Your vote tomorrow is important to our nation. Be informed. Vote for peace and prosperity: Ron Paul 2012"

Ron Paul ... forever.

and a few more

...all over the place.

Ron Paul ... forever.