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Money Laundering Scheme Uncovered Within Obamacare

The following is an email I sent today to Helen Taffs of the Montana Department of Health and Human Services regarding continuing healthcare coverage of my daughter.

For the record: I was never offered the opportunity to enroll my daughter in Healthy Montana Kids, the state's equivalent of CHIPS, for which I would be more than willing to pay. Instead, I was threatened with loss of coverage should I fail to comply with the following demands (I have documentation that I would be glad to fax upon request). Nor did I ask what happened to all that tobacco settlement money that was supposed to fund Montana's version of CHIPS, although I should have.

I have also sent a copy of the following email as well as the "for the record" information to my state representative, Jesse O'Hara, as well as Denny Rehberg, Montana's Representative to the House and candidate for US Senate against Jon Tester. I also sent this elsewhere, but I thought everyone should know since I didn't know a thing about this racket until I managed, finally, to work my way off food stamps. I am a single mom.

(This email has been redacted to remove only my name, address, and phone number.) Please share this information with everyone you know. People need to know what's really going on...

Dear Ms. Taffs,

While I appreciate the offer to provide welfare and taxpayer monies to my employer's insurance company, ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN, using my employer and myself as insulation to launder said monies, I must respectfully decline the generous offer of other people's money.

Just so you might reference: my name is XXXXX, ADDRESS, CITY, MT, ZIP CODE.

All I ever asked of the Montana department of Public Health and Human
Services, AFTER I GOT OFF FOOD STAMPS, was that my daughter's Medicaid coverage might be continued, if my income made her eligible, or, barring that, a little coverage through Healthy Montana Kids, the Montana equivalent of CHIPS, for which I'm more than willing to pay the low monthly premium as
well as the co-pay.

I NEVER, NOT ONCE, ASKED COVERAGE FOR MYSELF IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. And while, as of this writing, we still don't know how the Supreme Court is going to rule on Obamacare, the individual mandate is NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND QUITE YET.

Now, explain to me how cost effective this money laundering scheme is
(according to the most recent letter from your department that I have received and retain), and to whom? If I were to enroll myself and my child on the ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN offered through my employer, this insurance plan would take $373.00 a month directly from my pay, but we would have to first meet an annual deductible based on a family of four (we are a family of only two, sorry) before we ever saw any benefits whatsoever. Then the State (or is it really the Feds) would reimburse me from what coffers? Other taxpayers' money. And for how long? Do you know that once you enroll in insurance you're unlikely to use for the foreseeable future, should the State (or the Feds) run out of other taxpayers' money (which they will), you can't UN-enroll for months. This would leave me, a single mom, with a bill of almost $400.00 a month for insurance I NEVER ASKED FOR AND LIKELY CANNOT USE, and for however long it takes me to work my little fanny off to get to the next UN-enrollment period. We won't talk about satisfying the deductible.

So, let's examine who benefits in this "transparent" scheme no one sees fit to talk about. The beneficiaries are NOT me or my child--we'll never meet the annual deductible while we're still left sending in forms and proof of premium payment and waiting each month for the State (or is it the Feds) to send us some kind of check, and my daughter is losing her dental care (and vision care, I assume) on top of it. So, who benefits? Not the taxpayers who are, this minute, being sold by media left and right as well as politicians left and right on the idea that the poor, pitiful insurance companies are the victims in this racketeering scheme that would make Al Capone proud. The only beneficiary I see, at the bottom of several levels of money laundering insulation, is ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN.

Is there a White House list of designated winners among the many insurance providers vying for approval under Obamacare?

My bottom line here is this: unless the State of Montana wishes to reconsider covering my daughter, and my daughter ONLY, under Medicaid, or Healthy Montana Kids, the State's equivalent of CHIPS, I must decline your most generous offer of other people's money. I WILL NOT BE A PARTY TO RACKETEERING OR CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEFRAUDING THE TAX PAYERS OF THE GREAT AND SOVEREIGN STATE OF MONTANA, AND/OR, THE GREAT AND SOVEREIGN NATION OF AMERICA, MASQUERADING AS OBAMACARE.

It's much cheaper for me to pay for my child's dental checkup once every six months than get all tied up supporting a crime of this magnitude. After all, I do have a God I answer to, unlike a lot of folk in and around politics apparently.

I realize this isn't exactly your fault, Ms. Taffs, so feel free to pass this up the food chain.

I can't help but think, however, so much for all the loud and vociferous posturing by politicians left and right, local, state as well as Federal, of caring for the children, huh?



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A customer called me 2 weeks ago and told me he was told

by his caseworker he (the customer) needs to spend $69/month more on his health/dental Medicare Advantage plan. Customer is 77 years old. He is spending $77/mo now; he could get a super plan for zero dollars per month and since Medi-Cal picks up the drugs, and the copays, he goes to the doc for zero out of pocket.

For him to continue to get the 100% Medi-Cal reimbursement I signed him up for an almost identical plan that costs him $108. He already had a $39.95/month dental plan bringing him to $147.95. He needed to spend at least $181/month. So we added a second DENTAL plan bringing him to a total expenditure o $166.95. He needed to spend another $181-$166.95=$14.05 a month. If we had more time, I could have signed him up for a small long-term care plan. Nope. Gotta get it done before July 1. Signed him up for a THIRD DENTAL PLAN.

Stupid, right? You are paying for this. The correct plan for him costs ZERO per month and it's a fine plan. Where's the other $181 going?


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You are a wonderful writer, kudos.

I hope you will consider the Paleo/Weston Price diet/living styles to keep yourself and your child healthy and to reduce any need for major dental care. One of the best sites for excellent diet/health advice and cutting edge scientific research is http://chriskresser.com/


Great letter. I tweeted it so others could read it.