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Need Help and Guidance from Moderators:

I've tried and tried and tried to inform this community of the real problem; the only problem; the NUMBER ONE main problem we face as a Nation today, and that problem is the:

"Certificate of Live Birth" and how the STATE coerced each and every one of our Mothers into signing us away as STATE property by signing the Record of Live Birth as the "Informant". By doing this she was acting as the Trustee for the Fathers (Executors) Estate.

The Child was abandoned by the Mother; the STATE ran an add in the local paper claiming a child had been born and abandoned. The Father (Executor) never showed up to claim his 'property' and the STATE took official 'ownership' of the 'property' and issued a Death Certificate which created a new Estate.

I want to know which forum I can post this MOST IMPORTANT information in so that it will show up in the "Active Forum Topics" at the right side of this page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is the reason we are all slaves to the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES; this is the reason we are subject to an income tax; this is the reason Child Protective Services can kick down your door at 3AM and take you child; this is the reason the STATE has authority over each and every one of us, and this is the reason all the "Is the 16th Amendment Constitutional" arguments are useless.

You people want real freedom? Do you want to fix the problem and collapse the Trust that has you and all of us enslaved?

It's TRUST LAW .......... We are all property of the corporation, because our Mother's abandoned us at birth by signing the Record of Live Birth as an "INFORMANT".


Which forum may I post this information in, so that it will NOT get swept away to the "Off Topic" section where no one can find it.

Every time I write on this stuff, it's quickly moved to the dreaded "Off Topic" wasteland, so I'm making a public and formal announcement of a question, so there is no confusion on my part as to which forum I should post this information in, so that it does NOT end up in "Off Topic".

If everyone learns this information, it will cut the chains from our necks; it's legal; it's real remedy, and it's the law!

It's all Trust Law; it's a contract, it's all about the ESTATE.

Please advise, this information is the MOST IMPORTANT information on this forum.

Whether Dr. Paul wins or not, we have all been signed over to the STATE. Dr. Paul can't undo this; we have to take individual action and take back control of this Estate.

Please advise where to post this important information, so that it will NOT-Ever-under any circumstances be swept away to "Off Topic" and hidden from the public again.

Thank You Sincerely.

The South

PS: Once I find out where to post this, I will do a write up and make the post.

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SteveMT's picture

Remember, you cannot bump your own stories. That's #1.

#2. I thought it was our obtaining a social security # that made us a government slave, not a birth certificate.

#3. The 'Politics and Law' forum sounds reasonable for this.

Better posts than this this have disappeared without even one bump, so just stay calm no matter what happens.

Thanks Steve, I had to edit that comment and it bumped.

Social Security is not a contract, here's a few examples to explain it:

And here is a comment I left on another thread with a Congressional hearing stating it is not a contract:

Again, this is my opinion based upon the teachings of Dean Clifford:

It's not the Social Security card that's the contract that binds, it's the use of the Certificate of Live Birth as a form of identification that's the culprit; sever that and cut off the head of the snake.

Here's another article I thought you might find interesting: From the looks of it, social security is NOT a contract in nature.

Excerpt: " In 1953, a subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee conducted hearings for the express purpose of settling the question of whether social security was contractual in nature; see Hearings of November 27, 1953 entitled "The Legal Status of OASI Benefits," (Part 6). The witness at the hearing was Dr. Arthur J. Altmeyer, who held several offices in the Roosevelt administration. He was a member of the first Social Security Board, and by 1946 became the Social Security Commissioner, retiring in 1953. During this hearing, various parties stated that social security was not a contract:"

That above statement was taken from this article:

Michael Nystrom or an Moderator, please respond to me.

I have posted numerous posts on this topic. I've posted it in the "Liberty Forum", I've posted it in "Current Events", I've posted it everywhere I can think of so it will show up in the "ACTIVE FORUM TOPICS to the RIGHT OF THIS PAGE" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And every time I bring up this issue to the people; the most important issue at hand to the Liberty movement, it gets swept away to "Off Topic", and I would like an answer from someone as to why?

I posted it again here,just a moment ago by accident in the Current Events; it got moved to "Off Topic", so I moved it to where it should be "Politics and Law", and once again it gets moved to "Off Topic".

What in the H3LL is going on around here? I've asked publicly above for some guidance as to where to post it, and still no answer from anyone?

That was 8 days ago, and still ***CRICKETS**** ???????????

Hey, if you guys don't want real Liberty to prevail; if you are wanting to keep this information hidden from the public by sweeping every single post I make into "Off Topic", then just come out and say for crying out loud.

Either this forum is about REAL LIBERTY and fighting the STATE to take back our rights, or it's been infiltrated by the STATE and someone doesn't want this information getting out to the public.

Which is it?

Again, I'm asking someone to publicly tell me in this thread "WHERE I CAN POST THIS INFORMATION" without it getting swept into the sewers of "Off Topic".

Please, Michael, someone who is a moderator, please tell me where I can post this information.

Thank You.

Edit at 12:38: Here is another example of a post that is 100% pertaining to our legal problems with hiring an Attorney, and once again ....... moved to "Off Topic"; why is that?

Joη's picture

to repeat:

as was noted to you in your previous post:

No magical combination or interpretation of words will make a force monopoly start following prescribed rules if it doesn't want to do so.

That is the crux of it.

And it certainly doesn't help that there remain zero instances of this working correctly. So, like a reasonable person, do you even attempt to temper that zero into your posts, that "maybe this isn't right", so the more gullible don't end up in jail? Not at all! You seem to think if you say it more often it becomes more true, which helps no one.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Really? ... No instances of it working? ... Really?

How many times do I have to post these two videos that "CLEARLY" show the people appointing the judge as the trustee in the hearing, and the judge gets up and leaves?



The courts are running off of Trust/Estate Law and they are using the name on the Certificate of Live Birth in a different jurisdiction and hoodwinking us into a trustee position.

Now "THAT" is the crux of it!

Joη's picture

neither of those prove a darn thing

please continue demonstrating the shallowness of your threshold for proof.

Nodding when leaving a room is a gentlemanly thing to do when with adults, whether they share said manners or not. A court meeting ending with a competency hearing is not supporting evidence.

Look up the sharpshooter fallacy, and understand how you're applying it here.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Do you understand what a "public servant" is?

A public servant takes an Oath of Office; you and I as Citizens do not. Why do you think that is?

Because a public servant is a public "TRUSTEE", that "We The People" put in that position of "trust" to maintain and protect our laws, such as the constitution, which is a Trust Agreement.

The "Certificate of Live Birth" is a newly created Estate when the STATE took over ownership of the Child, by means of the Mother signing the document as the Informant.

Now listen real good and pay attention:

The "Certificate of Live Birth" has a STATE Seal and a Registrars Signature on it, which is .... now listen to this ..... "CERTIFIABLE PROOF" that the Estate is in or has already been Probated.

The Registrar is the court of Probate, and Probate deals with Estates of the Dead. Why do you think the "Certificate of Live Birth" has a G-D Damn "Registrars Signature" on it?

Because it's an ************* ESTATE ************* !

What form of Law deals with Estates?

Answer: Trust/Estate/Probate Law, period, end of story, that document is an Office of an Estate the criminal government known as the UNITED STATES Created in an attempt to manage and control us through Trust Law.

Man, I've posted video after video; seminar after seminar; article after article on this, and YOU still refuse to even remotely entertain the idea that they are FU****KING us with a DEAD Estate and coercing us into operating through that Office, so they can presume we are their employees, so they can TAX, CONTROL, MANIPULATE, IMPRISON, STEAL every thing we have.

C'mon Jon, you have got to see what the h3ll is happening here. Can you not even for an hour "entertain the idea" that THIS is how these SOB's are F****ing us every which way but loose?

It's the G-D Damn Estate! They created it (the Certificate of Live Birth) and put a Damned STATE Seal and Registrars signature on it to prove it, and YOU STILL WON'T OPEN YOUR EYES and SEE it.

For crying out loud man, put down your ego and watch the seminars and ask yourself why in the hell does that "Certificate of Live Birth" have a Registrars Seal on it?

Joη's picture



"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

I full well agree

with you South. we have all been sold down the river, literally. the rabbit hole is deep but well worth the effort to dig at this with a shovel. link provided is chock full of info that will give you the most in depth documentation of the ruse fomented on every man woman and child, whether you like it or not. albeit every thing that is transpiring in our world is directly connected to this unfortunate turn of events. there is remedy and recourse but the effort required is beyond the scope of the masses.

scroll down to Courts and Law jump in with both feet, no reservations

out of curiosity, what can we do about our...

trust status?


The reason I posted this thread was to get permission from

Michael or the Moderators to start a another thread with this topic as the Headline so it gets the attention it deserves, but still, no one has replied.

I posted some information below in another comment, but this topic needs a thread of it's own that will not get swept away to "Off Topic".

Still waiting, maybe they are busy. As soon as I get instructions on what forum to make a post in, so it stays in the "Active Forum Topics" stream to the right, I'll post more info.

you dont need permission, JUST DO IT!!

(they wont comment, unless you break a rule of something)

Did you read my initial post?

I'm not asking specifically for 'permission' as much as I'm asking "Where I can post it, without it getting moved to Off Topic".

That is the question that is apparently a tough one for even the moderators to answer, as I've yet to receive a response.

I felt compelled to post a 'public question' addressing this issue of every time I post this information, it gets moved to "Off Topic".

It is not "Off Topic", it's the ONLY topic; it's the most important topic, because this is the sole reason we are subject to the STATE and BIG BROTHER ..... The "Death Certificate" we all use as a form of ID.


Seem to me these Moderators Brudda ...seem to be more about censorship! Wat da hell...403..DENIED!Look these people, have not fully WOKE UP!yet, along with 90% of this movement. I HEAR you and many more.Sometimes it really takes the truth to broadside some folks,knock out BS WAXED into there ears. I'm afraid that's what da hell it's gonna take.THE SOUTH...keep up the good fight....your brudda in Hawaii


I for the life of me cannot understand why this Topic keeps

getting pushed to "Off Topic", especially with links and videos I've posted pertaining to this matter.

Kind of reminds me of that photo with the one sheep that's standing outside the herd trying to warn the others. There's a man (sheep herder) standing at one end of the pasture; his dog standing at the other end; the herd of sheep in the middle, and the one sheep says:

"I'm telling you, the man and the dog are definitely working together"

There is a bubble over one of the sheep in the herd saying "For God's sake Trevor, always you with that conspiracy stuff"

I've even came out with this post, publicly asking for help/guidance on where to post this VERY IMPORTANT information, and ***CRICKETS***

If folks spent only 2 hours researching this information, they would definitely have one of those face-palm moments of "Holy Crap, that's how they are doing it" moments.

Stuff like 31 ways to use mason jars in the kitchen gets to stay in the "Liberty Forum", and the one thing that will give us true Liberty is swept away to "Off Topic".

Banging Head on Desk.

It is all true.

And to the deniers, the cock has crowed three times.

God Bless.

ok I have some questions.. can you answer them?

1-- How many people do you know personally , who have been able to sever their cert. of live birth contract w/ the state?

2-- If you do know people who have done this, what benefits did it get them? What non-benefits did it get them? (ie repercussions)

3-- If this is so important to do , why not just put a step by step "how to do it" guide together? and post it? Then (if the value to us is great enough) we can all just follow these steps and collapse our trust w/ the state.

The thing is .. I have asked these type of questions before, to others and I don't think that anyone has been able to answer them. However... if you can, perhaps there is a value to this that can be proven and shown. If so please answer the above questions.

I thought you'd never ask :)

I do not 'personally' know anyone who's completed the paperwork, but I know there are several people working on this right now from the radio shows I listen to that have very credible speakers as guests that work tirelessly to bring this information to us, such as Dean Clifford, David Clarence, Rod Class, Tami Pepperman, and others.

As far as I know, David Clarence was the first one (at least the first one I heard) to really get a grasp of what's happening to us via the Birth Certificate.

Here is an explanation of the Executor Office as it pertains to the Father-Mother-Child:

There is a link to the talkshoe show where he explained it at the top of that write up.

I first brought this up in 2010 here:

Then Dean Clifford as well has been teaching people in Canada as well as the states what is happening to them in court with this Trust Law issue and how the judge is acting as the Administrator of our Estates [click on my name and see my other posts with his seminar on this]

People are working very hard to put you and I a 'step by step' how to do it guide together right now, and one of them is Tami Pepperman, and she explains it here:

Here she is explaining her IRS indictment:

Here's a YouTube video of a man appointing the judge as a Trustee and informing her he wishes to dissolve/collapse the CESUI QUI VIE Act of 1666 Trust; she gets very uncomfortable, very fast.

This is very real, but you have to stand up in court and announce you are now alive; the CQV Act no longer has any effect on you. Go read the Act on the British Gov't website here:

We were pronounced dead; cast away to sea before we were ever born. We will continue to be known as dead to the courts until we take back control of this Estate that was created for us.

We are the Grantor's; we created the Estate. Our Father is the Executor of our Estate until we reach legal age, but no one ever told him that, or us that either. Why would they? It's the perfect scam.

Since we do not know about the Estate, the courts are using that against us and acting as the Administrators; the STATE is the Beneficiary, and we are treated as the Trustee.

It's been turned upside down on it's head.

I have to leave for awhile, but will try and check back in later.

ok so to sum up the answers to the questions I asked...

1-- How many people do you know personally , who have been able to sever their cert. of live birth contract w/ the state?
A- no one.
2-- If you do know people who have done this, what benefits did it get them? What non-benefits did it get them? (ie repercussions)
A--none , or don't know yet (no one has done it yet)
3-- If this is so important to do , why not just put a step by step "how to do it" guide together? and post it? Then (if the value to us is great enough) we can all just follow these steps and collapse our trust w/ the state.
A--since its not yet been done, there is no guide to doing it yet

unless I am mistaken those are the answers to the questions.
And if that is correct, then you can imagine why people are a bit reluctant to "do anything" about this, since as of yet there is nothing to really do..except experiment with your life etc in the courts about this issue.
I am sure you are right, however until the remedy to this is fully discovered, it seems that there is little to "DO" about it.

Did you listen?

Did you do any further research; watch anymore videos; look up the docs she's referring to, or are you waiting on me to do it for you?

Read my post above your initial question again, I believe I laid out quite a bit of information to get you started.

Have you listened to David Clarence's talkshoe on the subject; have you listened to the Dean Clifford Seminars?

I can give you the Tylenol, but you've got to be the one to stick it in your mouth and swallow it.

I know .... it's easier to just sit back and wait for someone else to get all the paperwork lined; go to court; spend a few nights in jail and work out all the bugs for the rest of us before it's worth looking into, right?

This topic needs EXPOSURE so more people can get involved, and it will not get the exposure if it's stuffed in the pits of doom called "Off Topic".



I think this is very

important but don't know how to help you. If more people were aware of this like they are about the FED, maybe it would get some traction, especially with new parents.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


Did you know that Henry Clay was constitutionally ineligible to serve as a Senator?

And yet he did, and laws were passed.

Un-Important? .... You think the fact we are treated as

slaves and imbeciles; wards of the STATE; never have any 'standing'; can't bring the Constitution into the court room, is "unimportant"?

The reason these BAR attorney judges and STATE prosecutors run all over every citizen in this country, is because they are acting as the Administrators of our Estates without our written consent to do so.

Once you know what happened and take back control of your Estate, they have NO JURISDICTION over you ....... Period!

They know this; they will NOT continue to administrate the Estate once you've made them aware that you know the con; once you've identified them (the judge) as the Trustee.

I can post video after video of this acknowledgment by judges that they are the trustees; public servants; public trustees.

The whole system runs off Trust Law; it's Biblical Law, Estate Law, it's how they are controlling us.

Once you take back control of your own Estate and begin acting as the Administrator/Executor/Executrix that you actually are, they have NO JURISDICTION, and if they continue to act as if they do, that insurance bond is in big trouble, and without bonding, they have no job.

I'd say it's pretty important for the public to be made aware of this information, so they will stop chasing their tails with patriot BS remedies and Constitutional arguments that land them in prison.

You are naive and out of your league.

It took me a while to grow out of that stage as well.

I wish you well on your journey.

I beg to differ with you. The only way this topic gets the

traction it deserves is to make it known to the public. Just as other things arise to public awareness, so should this.

You don't think if Mother's all over the country all of a sudden found out that shiny little "Certificate of Live Birth" they have framed on the wall is an abandonment certificate, they won't be mad as h3ll?

Every mother in this country has unknowingly signed her child over to the STATE by signing that "Informant" box as the Trustee.

I'd say this is a case of Human Rights Abuse; enslavement by deceit and fraud to unjustly enrich the STATE. Every person that is sitting in Federal Prison right now for tax evasion; not wearing seat belts; growing a garden, etc. is there because the judge acting as the Administrator was in cahoots with the STATE who's acting as the Beneficiary to take their money; their lives; their children; and their property.

It's a con of gigantic proportions and it will not get fixed if we keep sweeping it under the rug as "things that don't really matter".

It's the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE we face as a Nation.

Ron Paul can NOT fix this; it's an individual problem that needs to be brought into ever court in this country. And the only way it will get any traction, is if we start exposing it and bringing it to the forefront.

That concept is so dumb I know it couldn't have come from ...


You are a smart kid.

Don't just swallow what you are spoon fed.

I am a father of three children.

Are you a parent?

Probably not, you are still a young impressionable person that someone has sunk their claws into.

I will pray that you grow out of this phase quickly.

God Bless.

Do me a favor old wise One, and go to your dresser drawer, and

pull out that certified copy of your child's "Certificate of Live Birth" and tell me if you see a STATE seal and a Registrar's signature on that document.

Go ahead, I'll wait ....

The file # is the address of the Estate; the certificate itself is the Office, and the name is the legal-fictitious entity the STATE created when they announced the Child dead.

The STATE can not do business with a living-breathing person; they cannot enter into contracts with a living breathing person because the STATE is a corporation.

That is why they created the corporate person named on the Certificate of Live Birth: So you, the parent would teach the Child to safeguard that document; it is his/her identity, and the child will use that document to get into other adhesion contracts like the Drivers License and the Social Security Card.

Have you ever noticed your name is spelled in all CAPITAL LETTERS on your Drivers License? That's 'code' for this is a corporation.

Did you know that you can not even get a passport or Drivers License or Social Security Card with an actual "Record of Live Birth"?

Nope, you must bring a "Certificate of Live Birth" issued by the STATE's Registrar and Vital Statistics.

I'm not as naive and ignorant as you think I am, and I won't 'grow out of it' anytime soon.


Dude ...

You are preaching to the choir.

Been there and done that sovereignty thing.

I am right there with you.

I am just asking you to continue to grow and mature.

In a few years you will be able to look back on this and realize how stupid you were being.

God Bless.