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Smart Meter Put up Without Consent

I came home today after hearing a piece on the radio about Smart Meters and thought I'd check on our old analog meter to make sure that it was still there.

To my dismay, it was now replaced by a smart meter. They went onto my property, without consent, and replaced my meter.

F*** California. I'm about to call them and demand it be removed.

Anyone deal with this problem before?

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Texas so called smart meter

Forced upon me. I told the worker that this is private property and no matter what his job was and who he worked for he was trespassing. He ingnored me and installed the not smart meter against my complaints. Every dog has his day and one day soon I will stop using the slave electricity and go off grid. Will be hard to pile the extorted theft called tax on my electric bill then.


While I wouldnt be against

While I wouldnt be against better monitoring of electricity, once I read that these things have a return on investment of about 23 years, thats a no-go.
I find it hard to justify widespread use of anything if it takes an upwards of 20 or more years to pay for itself - if the person doesnt have much say in it which is mostly the case here.
Among other reasons, this is simply modernizing in the name of modernizing and not much else.

Hmm, do these things overheat? I mean if you have the sun shining right on one, wouldnt that cause it to wear down alot faster? I am sure that placing a large concave mirror in front of one wouldnt cause any noticable difference right?

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$10 per month is cheap

Compared to having cancer and Big Brother knowing every thing you do, every minute of the day. Isn't it ironic to have to pay a utility company to keep them from sending radiaton into your home and watching your every move. Only in America, The land of Tyranny and the home of Corporatism.

75$ to "opt out" of their

75$ to "opt out" of their program that we never consented to. Then they charge a fee of $10 a month to make it inconvenient for us to opt out.

I made it my mission to get smart meters banned in my town. I'm going to my town hall and fighting this. Then I'm going to try and get it banned on a county level.

The governments job is minimal, but it has a role when my rights are infringed. This is where the law is supposed to step in. I have a right to not have a smart meter if I don't want one. I have a right for a company to not install a smart meter without my knowledge when I don't want one.

Same thing happened to me,

Same thing happened to me, but now I have my analog meters (elec & Gas) back. Go to the web site of your gas and elec co. If it is like here in San diego, I found a place to sign up to opt out and have the smart meter removed. There is an initial charge and you pay extra each month for a meter reder, but it is worth it to get rid of the smart meter.

BTW they called within a week of me signing up and the meters were changed out within 2 weeks from my initial visit to the web site.

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Yeah I dealt with it before PG&E capitulated

and started removing them for a service charge by replacing them with
GE 1-70 used re-calibrated meters and installing a welded/fabricated steel bar that goes across the face of the meter attached to lags that screw 3 1/4 in. into the studs on both sides of the meter with a lock that prevents removal. I installed quite a few of them with no problems. I still have a few meters left.

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the sub-contractors keep coming by and i keep saying no. i had an interesting back and forth with the technician today. his answer to the question of why is there a ten dollar fee for what they are already doing and have been doing a long time now, was that people were going to be let go. i guess that's an answer? i mentioned something about keeping the meter and saving a job. the fee is stupid, though. i wonder if californians will rise up and fight this...naah.

We all need to take care of

We all need to take care of this at a local level. There are actually a lot of places that have banned the smart meters.

I am going to take this on and try and get it banned in my town.

They are supposed to

send you a letter with the date and time frame that they will be installing it. Otherwise it's trespassing.

Keepin' it real.

Never any letter or any

Never any letter or any notification

There was no consent ever given not even in the deed.

Yup. Read your property deed. I betcha 100:1 there is an

easement in there that "grants" them the right to put it on there. Sorry to deliver you the bad news.


yup California DOES suck

It will cost YOU $45 to have it removed and then it will coast YOU $10 per month after that to cover "up keep" of your box, I guess to pay some one to come out and read your meter.