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If Ron Paul can't be president of the USA, how about president of Mexico?

I was just watching PBS and I guess Mexico is doing their presidential election now. The people there seem to also distrust their leaders. Two things I predict would happen if Ron Paul won down there.

1) The drug violence would stop.
2) The Mexican economy would improve dramatically reducing the border jumpers to the USA because their would be no need to leave their country. Ofcourse this takes time, but an honest/productive leader would get that country headed in the right direction.

Jesse Ventura already owns a home in Mexico, he could run for vice president. Politicians who repaired Mexico, I believe definately would get attention in the US. They need someone honest. Just think how bad Obamney would do down there. Thats why that country never progresses because they have dormant do nothing leaders already. It just gets worse or stays the same. They need some international paul bots down there fixing things then maybe the illegals here would return.

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Wouldn't Romney be a better choice for Mexico?

According to this, his dad was born in Mexico:


"Personal details
Born George Wilcken Romney
July 8, 1907
Colonia Dublán, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico
Died July 26, 1995 (aged 88)"


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re: romney a better choice

Romney's only a better choice for his shareholders lol.

Anyone would be better than

Anyone would be better than Calderón. His way of fighting the cartels is to kiss gringo ass for more money and materiel. I would tax and legalize the damn drugs and let them flood the streets of the US until they grow up and find a more effective solution aside from their usual reactionary redneck bellicose horseshit.

Americans want to rule the world, and maybe they should, but the biggest mental stumbling block they have is thinking every problem is a big nail requiring a big hammer. Finesse simply escapes them.. probably due to the inbreeding.


In Mexico you CAN'T even be a town mayor without being a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

re: natural born citizen

Ofcourse that doesn't mean anything because we have the same law here in this country yet Obama who was born in Mombassasis Kenya and he still became president.

But you can be a rich bastard

But you can be a rich bastard who secretly bribes the town mayor and be a citizen of wherever you want.

Dinero talks, chorrada walks!

Perhaps a

Ron Paul like minded person, but Ron Paul or JV? Isn't that illegal, much like a mexican national trying to be US prez?

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