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Angry Grandpa RomTard

and the legalities of video taping a convention or other political meetings in private businesses.

*youtube link removed due to the fact that you can read his name.
Basically he's arguing with some Paul supporters and sees me taping him at which point he smacks the camera(phone) out of my hands and tells me I cannot tape him legally cuz it's a private meeting.

This was taken during the CD1 convention after the gavel was dropped at about 5:15pm just a couple minutes after all hell broke loose. As you can see, I was not involved in the conversation taking place. And other than some possible talking overheard, he really didn't know what camp I am from! Was this angry old coot justified in nearly breaking my phone for taping him "illegally"? Admittedly I don't know all the ins and outs of what and when it is okay or not okay to take pictures or videos.

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sounds a little suspicious. You may want to report him to Big Sis at the DHS....he may be a potential terrorist...you never know. Yea...definately call the DHS hotline and report him.

looks like assult to me.

gramps needs to find out what he just accomplished.