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Outcome intended?

We already know about the message of Liberty. There are many people who won't even listen long enough to understand Liberty.

So, whether or not Rand Paul intended this, because of his actions he was able to get "listeners" from a wider spectrum. If someone hears this guy is "endorsing" Ron Paul, and they have "their guy" (RNC), they won't be able to take that person seriously because of their warped TV-Brained perception.

Rand Paul "endorsed" Mitt Romney, but then had a wider audience to criticize the things Mitt was talking about in his platform. This could steer some in the right direction of *THE* idea. Not only that but he is getting out the word about some really good bills that we should be raging to get through congress...

I have no opinion about Rand yet. He still has some work to do.

We need support for his latest introduced bills.. What are we doing to get support on these bills? Why aren't these bills viral yet... Are we here for Liberty still?

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Went round and round with my neighbor over Ron Paul

for 20 min today. She listens to Shawn and Rush 4 hours a day. Seriously, she went bad on me saying "Ron Paul will not win. Because a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama". He dropped out.. On and on... everything I tried to say.. is a "conspiracy theory" or a "wierd conspiracy theory". I'm "on the fringe", everytime I see her this comes out, I'm not normal, I can't believe what I see on the internet.. I'm obsessed. Yawn... I plead guity. And it's too late to apologize..even though I did. Later I thought about it..Hey, I did and she didn't. Serious Koolaid drinker. Move on.

A nomination for Romney is a second term for Obama