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This speech really moved me

In this clip, there is a debate going on between a liberal and a conservative. It's a really interesting speech and reminds me what Dr. Paul is fighting for.

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We were great because we were


His speech has a real message there. There are 2 things keeping us from being "informed" today.

1. The lying, partisan main stream media. This has been around for a long time.

2. Having to wade through SO much information to find the truth. Try a google search on any subject if you don't believe that.

The DESIRE to be informed is a different story. The US now is like irresponsible parents living on credit cards way beyond our means. They apply for a new card to pay the old ones. The kids don't really care unless they quit buying them crap. They don't see a need to be "Informed" of the situation. When the bill comes due and there are no more creditors to borrow from and all the goodies stop rolling in then they will ask "Why can't we have ....Why can't I have money for....? Why are the lights out? Where are we moving to?

It is OUR job to inform those who have not come to the understanding that we are losing our Liberty each day that passes. Dr Paul tells the story of the frog put in a pot of cold water and slowly turing up the heat until he dies. The temperature change is so slight the frog doesn't realize it until it is too late.

The water is getting REAL warm!

Let's get people INFORMED.

I believe Ron Paul would

I believe Ron Paul would argue that the coveted "Greatest Nation in the World" title belongs to that nation where personal liberty and restricted government is most prominent. I'm not entirerly sure where that would be as of this moment.

It appears to me that Jeff Bridges character judges greatness by slightly different standards. And I'm not sure exactly what he means when he says 'we used to be'. Under Ron Paul's standard, it has been sometime since America reached its zenith of personal liberty protected by a constitutional republic. Certainly long before my time.

Still, I enjoyed the clip and thanks for sharing.