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Town aims for food self-sufficiency by growing all its own vegetables

(NaturalNews) Different local authorities throughout the USA have been harassing homeowners for growing veggies or herbs in their front lawns. But in the small town of Todmorden, England, a grass-roots food movement has been started by one woman who grew veggies in her front yard and let neighbors pick them free.

It took six months before neighbors and passers-by got the notion that Mary Clear's lowered fence and signs encouraging people to pick veggies from her lawn was for real. Mary, a 56 year old grandmother, kicked off a scheme thought up with local Bear Cafe owner Pam Warhurst and others to engage in local guerrilla agriculture.

Soon, others joined in and they called the movement Incredible Edible. Now this small community has 70 large, raised beds flourishing with fruits and vegetables, all of which are there for others to take from without paying.


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How long until some putz who didn't lift a finger takes all?

We are still dealing with humans after all. A pick-your-own farm puts skilled hands in the field AND makes sure the harvest is picked in time and that there's money for next season's improvements.


farmer being harassed by the county.

Farmers in Fauquier County are planning to bring their pitchforks to an Aug. 2 hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals to protest the arbitrary treatment of one of their own. On April 30, Zoning Administrator Kimberley Johnson sent Martha Boneta an official cease-and-desist notice for selling farm products and hosting a birthday party for her best friend's 10-year-old daughter on her 70-acre Paris, Va., farm without a special administrative permit.

And for those who love to

And for those who love to tinker with a little bit of technology, you can easily and cheaply do some awesome things with hydroponics and/or aeroponics.

See this site for example for some inspiration:

To highlight a project:

Floating Raft Deep Water Culture
Author: Jared Bouck
Project Cost: 20.00
Est Construction Time: 1.5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Can you use scissors safely?


Grow rates can be insane and you can get high yields in small amounts of space. :)

4 Week old tomato plant planted in soil:


4 Week old tomato plant grown using aeroponics:

Aeroponics summary:

Many cool examples can be found on the web. Plenty of tinkerer/gardener type of people growing their own healthy and tasty foods. :)

Instructables.com can for example be searched for 'hydroponics':

Added bonus idea:

Make things solar powered :)

Great info


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Here is a good link about the movement and the women


Bump for good story

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I'll all for doing stuff you

I'll all for doing stuff you like, but just remember that the division of labor is what has created our explosion in standards of living in the past century and a half. Libertarians are individualistic not in the sense that we're some rugged survivalists, we're individualistic in the sense that we believe rights are individual rights and individuals ought to have the choice to join any group effort.

That being said, store-bought vegetables can be gross.

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Tragedy of the Commons


The incentive of the market isn't in this. Altruism only goes so far. Gardens can be a lot of work. Better to create a market based solution and enable people like that lady to sell their home grown vegetables.

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Just a thought

I had a thought the other day, and I thought this would be the best place to put it. What if the liberty movement focuses on a hand full of states, say North and South Dekota, Utah, Montana, and/or Wyoming, get as many liberty canidates into office as possible, at all levels, especially at congressional levels, and then movie towards independents. As the federal government grows bigger and becomes more tyrannical, it would be nice to know that there are a few states out there that we can run to for freedom. And yes, I'm talking about secession. If we get a majority of liberty canidates elected, then secession would be a real option against tyrany. Again, this was just a thought that popped into my head the other day. :)

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If ayone knowns of nice communities

with sheriffs who honor the Constitution, those would be good places to settle.

bumping a good thread

after i gave in to temptation and commented on the "rand loves gmo" thread. i am sorry and i will self bury my comment.

good comments here. be sure to look into vertical gardening for you limited space folks: tomatoes, sweet taters and pole beans... mmmmmm.

I think the secret to this is

I think the secret to this is fruit trees in the front and vegetables/ground plants in the back. People see a tree and they don't want to cut it down. People see a "garden" in the front and they go psycho because it doesn't look "good."

Lets see how long something

Lets see how long something like that happens here before the Nazis stop it.

Vertical Gardening

You can do vertical gardening. Lots of veggies can be trained to grow upwards. Some veggies even help each other grow. Look up "companion planting", "permaculture" and "food forest".

Also everyone can sprout seeds ie alfalfa sprouts inside. Stay AWAY from Monsanto produced seeds most of which are genetically engineered and while they may grow food, the seeds in the veggies they produce won't be able to be planted.

Stay away from "hybrid" seeds. Look for "heirloom" seeds.

Here's another tip. The less your garden looks like a garden the more likely it will go unnoticed by the authorities.

I'm into

permaculture. I also have huge heirloom garden (not all in one spot). I have it camoflaged. Ask me anything about gardening.

Keepin' it real.

I am setting up a vertical city garden now

That will be attached to an aquaponic system now in use. Using the fish water to cycle through the garden beds IMO is the best way to fertilize and water the garden, plus its all organic.

My grandmother lived out in the sticks during the Depression

but she felt lucky because they had crops and livestock and didn't go hungry. She said no one had money, and it was common for unemployed travelers to show up looking for food. She'd feed them, and let them do some chores around the farm.

She also remembered FDR's WPA would pay men to tear down perfectly good buildings in town, and pay others to build new structures to replace them.

"Cash for clunkers" was a just new spin on an old scheme.

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My mom lived on a farm, and many farmers

were forced by FDR's henchmen to kill off livestock and destroy crops in order to keep up prices, despite the fact that hordes of people were starving.

broken window

Its the old broken window economic theory.

broken window

Its the old broken window economic theory.

"Growing your own food?

"Growing your own food? That's a paddlin."

But seriously, how long do you think this will last until some over eager petty bureaucrat decides people shouldn't be allowed to just GROW their own food and shuts them down?

I guess you haven't read HR 875

It's already been thought of. Here's a link


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Wonderful story legaliz, thanks; and the

link at the end to the original Daily Mail article is delightful, with terrific photos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2072383/Eccentric-...

Thank you my friend

Having own food is the key to survival.
Last night I got an alarming email from a DP friend with some words of warning and advise on getting as much as food as I can get before the system world-wide collapses.
We must do all to protect our families.

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That is fan-bloody-tastic!

The vegetable garden was HUGE during WW2 - was the only source of food for many people. Now that's community action at its best!

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That's Cool

I'm working on that as well..

Its time to prepare for the coming food riots and become self sufficient..

Got two of my friends to start

Veggie gardens in the burbs this year. I live in an apt. So its only tomatoes on my deck. Unfortunately a hail storm destroyed about 50% of their gardens lol. That is one reason why you do it though, to figure out what you don't know, in case you are growing to feed your family in the future.


in large pots with fertilized (bagged up at the store) soil until the hail season ends. In two weeks they will be like bushes with the right soil.
That might not go over so well in USA. Peeps would see the sign that says 'free' and take everything all at once in one fell swoop.

I did something similiar one Halloween. I left a huge bowl of candy bars beyond my wet Paint sign near the porch and wrote "take some and leave the rest for other people." Nope. One or two people took the entire contents of the bowl. Only in selfish, greedy grubbing USA-the generation that wasn't taught that the meaning of life is to care about others....tooo bad soooo sad. Can't blame them when the elitists are the guilty party for training these hapless souls.

me? I love to give away "starts". yes.. anyone need any? I have some heirlooms too.

Keepin' it real.

Wonderful news!

All the grass in yards could easily be replaced with vegetable and fruit gardens. Why would this be frowned upon or not allowed or even fined? It is all about CONTROL and over regulation of the people.

People worry that their own property values

would go down if the neighbor has vegetables in front of their house instead of grass. Many cities and towns are complaint driven, that is, if someone complains about a neighbor the complainer has first rights even if they are complaining out of pure malice and for no other reason. If nobody complains, then you can keep doing the thing even if it could be found to be against the almighty and precious code.

Do it

Only one way to see if your town cares. Mine doesn't. Maybe they do. I don't care or ask.