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Secret Agreement: Romney Agrees (Again) w/ Obama Plan

This trans pacific "trade" pact is a trojan horse to give foreign corporate control of America.

Mitt Romney supports this and wants to get it "done" if/when elected (surprise surprise).
Just FYI for the ongoing education effort towards people who support Romney, thinking he is different than Obama.



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bumping with . . .

concern as usual. Is there no end to the audacity of the man? (Romney)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Using the TPP to Renegotiate and Expand NAFTA

related post from earlier today

Both Canada and Mexico have been invited to join the U.S., along with other countries already engaged in negotiations which will deepen trade and economic ties within the Asia-Pacific region. Such a deal would surpass NAFTA in size and scope. The U.S. led talks which have been criticized for their secretive nature, could be used to update aspects of existing trade pacts among member nations. This would provide the perfect opportunity for a backdoor renegotiation of NAFTA without officially having to open it back up.

read full article @ http://beyourownleader.blogspot.ca/2012/06/using-tpp-to-rene...

This Pacific trade deal needs to be exposed - Romney, too!

We're united with the left on this! Obama's deal (one more campaign promise broken) is not a political party issue but an issue of global corporations vs. American sovereignty and the PEOPLE. This is about global government! Watch the video clip!

Here are a couple articles reporting that, with one exception, Mitt Romney supports this policy.

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