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Look! YAHOO showing Dr. Paul still in the race!


Go to Yahoo's election site---they show Dr. Paul still in the running for the Presidency with his photo as big as daylight! Well, at least I hope I brightened your day....a little!! :)

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The paid trolls in the

The paid trolls in the comments section really is pretty pathetic. It says a lot about our opposition that they have to pay people to spend all day there trashing Dr Paul. They must be really afraid of him.

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did any one look at the amount of

comments for each individual? rp has 95000 wow


I didn't realize that he was OUT of the race. Doesn't really matter anyway...we've got this one in the bag! I just wonder how we're gonna prove to the public that the whole process is a scam and the unbelievable cheating going on at the GOP and RNC....Tampa should be a blood-bath for the RNC....IF we can prove the system is rigged and the people duped.

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Take a look

at how many paid trolls are in the new comments.All they do all day is trash Ron Paul some of them have over 8000 comments.It would be nice to thumb them all down,I try but they keep signing in with different profiles.

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Yup, good to see

...Ron Paul only suspended campaigning, not suspended his campaign, so that's why he's not faded out like the others. He is still running! :-)

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interesting that they didn't...

Shorten up the picture frame area and put in a scroll bar. Then you would have to scroll left/right to see Ron Paul. I guess the limits to their censorship are sometimes too annoying.

Note how he's on the far

Note how he's on the far right side of the chart. It's a trick to get you look at Romney first because he's closer to center.

It's gone now. Big surprise.


Not gone. They show a row of

Not gone. They show a row of candidate photos halfway down the page labeled candidate profiles. All of them are greyed out except, Obama, Romney, and Dr. Paul. :) At least they got it right that he's still in it!

Blessings )o(

I thought you meant is was a front page item...

The one you are speaking of posted last November.


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