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Ron Paul Autographed Liberty Defined

Ron Paul Autographed LIBERTY DEFINED

My chip in is not doing so well, so I decided to fund raise by selling stuff.

I met Ron Paul at a fund raiser in Dallas in April and got him to sign this book. I hate to part with it, but it is more important that I can afford to go to the National Convention.


Please make a generous bid and know that it is going to be money well spent.

Even international supporters of Ron Paul can legally help this way!!!

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Wow! You guys rock!

Thanks for the support so far, the bid is over $100 now only after a few hours!!!

A Bump for Exposure

I bid it up to $60 so far. It says a lot to part with this! Good luck!

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I bid

But someone's max bid was higher than mine.

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You'll probably be able to get another one

Next time you meet him.

I gave my nephew my copy of Liberty Defined to read, which he did, and then went to a Paul rally and got my copy signed. He is supposed to buy me a new one as he is going to keep the autographed one.

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OK I bid

Realizing that I currently no longer have a copy, I guess I'm in a perfect place to purchase a new one.

Hopefully I don't win and somebody willing to pay a lot more does. :-)

Currently consuming: Gatto: "Underground history of education..", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football


I hope to meet him again, maybe I will meet him in Tampa, but like he says Liberty is popular, so I will have to wrestle through the crowds. Your nephew is lucky to have an uncle educating him on the truth!


I would love to have this.

..great opportunity for

..great opportunity for foreigners to get something NICE!

Golly, that's gotta be worth

Golly, that's gotta be worth at least a hundred bucks to the right Liberty Lover. Hope you get twice that for it. Thanks for going to the Convention. Remember to shout RON PAUL at the appropriate time during Rmoney's speech. Wait, Benton might not like that! You better not, it's best to sit on your hands and vote for your own slavery!

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Thank you Ira

I am honored to go to the convention. I hope to do what is best for the country and I've been yelling "Ron Paul!" at least a thousand times this past year...funny how I was asleep and hated politics just 5 years ago.

Your eBay listing is

making the rounds on facebook. ; )

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That is great, appreciate it!