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This article will make your blood boil: "Ron Paul supporters are not Republicans and they should not attend the GOP convention"

....The GOP Convention is a Republican Convention. It is a Mitt Romney Convention.

It is not a Ron Paul or Libertarian Convention.

Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable at this point to ban Ron Paul supporters from the GOP Convention.

That's right. An outright ban on their presence is the only way to prevent the event from turning into a debacle. There is no legitimate reason at this point for them to be there.


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Truth is...

Organizers of Freedom Fest and Paul Fest inivited many speakers including Dr. Paul and GJ.

Dr. Paul refused -- other speakers including GJ accepted both invitations.

I'm just an activist providing you with information/education.
I'm not into politics like Jesse Benton -- don't blame me for doing my job as an activist.

Having two campaigns going full steam against the establishment would be awesome -- instead we only have one campaign doing that the campaign of Gary Johnson for president 2012.

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