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Liberty candidate in WI needs help - State Senate district 24

Scott Noble is a great guy, a long-time fighter for freedom and liberty, and a good friend of mine. Some of the best grassroots liberty people here in WI are working on his campaign, and his campaign manager just came over from the the Mark Neumann Senate campaign. We came up with a great slogan using his name "Freedom is a Noble Pursuit".


I just finished producing his first video, check it out and share:


Scott is running against an incumbent democrat, one of the 14 "Runners" who ran to Illinois during Governor Scott Walker's budget sessions. If you didn't hear, it was a huge battle here in WI, with the liberals collecting 900,000 signatures to recall Walker because he dared cut public union employees' benefits by a mere 1%. The liberals and union bosses went absolutely ballistic, it got pretty nasty. The recall was ultimately defeated, when Walker won by a landslide a few weeks ago. We are using Walker's landslide win to our advantage to get Scott in, as Walker handedly won the 24th senate district turning it red.


Senate district 24 was recently redistricted to be favorable to republicans, as it now includes cities like Tomah and Sparta. Libertarian Ed Thompson was mayor of Tomah until he unfortunately died a couple years ago from cancer. This will be the incumbent's first election in the new district. A win for us here would be a nice boost for the Liberty movement.


Official site http://NobleForSenate.com
Like on FB http://www.facebook.com/NobleForSenate

Any donations would be greatly appreciated. We have great signs made up and have shirts getting made for the 4th of July parades we're gonna be hitting.

I will be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!


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