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Biggest Conflict of Interest in History Right Now

The link is to a video by Gregory Mannarino - a one time wall street insider. He looks young but is actually 46 years old. I have watched a few of his videos lately (He posts one every day out of Vegas) Usually he posts quite a few "graphs" for his viewers but in this particular video he discusses banks, banking (mentions Ron Paul and Bernanke), gold and silver.
Just wondering if anyone on the DP is familiar with Mannarino and/or what you think of his views.


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There has been lots of talk about it, and a lot written as well.

In addition to Ron Paul's "End the Fed" of 2009, there is "Honest Money" by Dr. Gary North published in 1986 and "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin first published in 1994. And then there is "The Case for Gold, a minority report of the U.S. Gold Commission by Rep. Ron Paul" first published in 1983. All of these discuss central banking, banking cartels, fractional reserve banking, real money, and conflicts of interest.

Magna est veritas, et prevalebit. Truth is most powerful, and will ultimately prevail.

Not impressed.

How can he say that he is revealing information that NO ONE is talking about?
Ron Paul has been talking about it for 30 years. He is just re-stating what we have been discussing for years now. Plus, he keeps addressing his listeners as "you guys", which grates on me in a negative way.

Meh. A johnny-come-lately parrot who is repeating what MANY others have already brought to our attention. (ie. Schiff, Maloney, Faber, etc.)
He says nothing new whatsoever.

He gave credit to Dr. Paul

When he spoke of "no one" talking about it I thought he was referring to the bankers, media, Congress and those in positions to make the situation known to the public.
But you may be right about him riding the coat tails of Schiff, Faber, etc. as he isn't saying anything they haven't already said.
He's just one more voice crying in the wilderness.
He does show some very interesting charts though if you look at some of his other videos.