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Is the talk of changing the party platform irrelevant?

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A change in the party

A change in the party platform won't change the way politicians operate or government malfunctions and power is abused, but it will bring the ideas to more people, and that is a net positive. We always have to trick the media into spreading our message, and the convention provides a media event where we might be able to reach some more people. Revolutions usually take decades to bloom. In Eastern Europe, resistance to communism began almost as soon as the regimes were installed, but it took 4 decades for that to turn into popular uprisings. Like Americans, they also had to contend with rigged elections, controlled media and big brother government, so we know it can be done, but it takes time for people to become fed up enough to do anything about it. When the system inevitably collapses, we have to make sure our ideas lead the way back to prosperity. Injecting our ideas into the party platform will make them subjects of debate, which spreads our message and helps aid in the task of reestablishing a free society. I agree with Cenk that it will do nothing to change the governing policies of Republicans in the short term.