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Whistleblower : TSA Deliberately Hiring 'Psychopathic' Criminals (Video)

Whistleblower : TSA Deliberately Hiring 'Psychopathic' Criminals (Video)

TSA supervisor reveals how bosses told him to hire people with violent tendencies

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A TSA supervisor turned whistleblower has revealed to the Alex Jones Show how the federal agency is deliberately directing its staff to hire people with criminal records who exhibit violent tendencies and psychopathic behavior.

Explaining how his job involved filing reports on other TSA screeners who didn’t follow procedure, “Rob” expressed his alarm at the fact that criminals were being hired who exhibited the behavior of “psycopaths.”

“We have a program in the state of Rhode Island where we take prisoners who are out for non violent drug offenses and everything else – basically sociopaths – and we’re sending them to a ten day course and getting them out in uniform out checking people,” said the whistleblower.


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