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Help! Tisha Casida trying to set up at Post Office for petitions and they say it is private property!

Any advice for her? Tisha Casida is an amazing Liberty candidate running for congress in the third district in Colorado. She is running as an independent and needs to get more signatures on petitions to get her on the ballot. The deadline is looming and she needs some more volunteers to help get signatures. She is trying to set up a table, this morning, in front of the postoffice in Pueblo, Co. and went inside as a courtesy to tell them what she was doing and the postmaster told her she could not set up a table because the postoffice is Private Property! He then told her it is "public/private" and that he had to get permission from the post office administration. She questioned him further and she reiterated that it is indeed legal to set up on public property to gather petition signatures, and that the post office is indeed public property, and would he call the police if she set up. He told her that he was not willing to get in trouble, so he would indeed do that. Can anyone help advise her, and can Colorado people in her district willing to help gather petition signatures and other Liberty supporters who are willing to donate to her campaign contact her at www.casida2012.com Thank you so much for your help. I will call her with advice, as she is obviously not at her computer.

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Set up pn the sidewalk, OR

Set up on the sidewalk, OR just outside their property line. I've done this to finish two recalls for my local town scumbags. I even put up a FREE LEMONADE stand to draw people in. The town clowns went nuts and called the county food safety dufus and convinced the person working the booth they needed to buy a $70 food handlers permit. I would've refused because I wasn't selling anything but they paid it and kept on getting signatures. Just ask the P.O. where their property line ends and find a strategic spot to get 'em while they are walking in.

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I also set up on the sidewalk at my post office.

I filled up two petitions for Tisha and my hometown postoffice is very nice. Everyone sets up there. I guess in larger cities it can be a problem. I just really hope that she can find some more volunteers here in Colorado to get petitions filled out for her to get on the ballot. Congress if important!

My reading of the regulations (as posted in pdf below)

indicate that the electioneering regs do not apply to sidewalks in front of PO's that are not physically distinguishable from adjacent municipal or public sidewalks - so it appears this activity would usually be allowed (unless there are no adjacent public sidewalks).

Rules & Regulations Governing Conduct on Postal Service Property


It specifically states that "electioneering" is prohibited. Sorry about that.

BTW, these regulations were not hard to find.

Thank you so much

and even though I did search google as best I could, I did have a hard time getting answers. :)

Some POs are private with

Some POs are private with contracts to provide a service for the Feds. She could indeed be on private property.

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Thank you Maeve

I did not know that. Perhaps this is the case. Well, does anyone have advice on the best place to set up in a town to collect signatures for a petition? Thanks so much.

I would expect city hall

I would expect city hall might be the better place, depending on the rules for your town. Libraries are usually city owned as well, so qualify as public. POs, unfortunately, are often privately owned buildings with contracts for Fed services. In our little town, the PO is attached to the general store. The building itself is private, the service is Federal. Just one example of a private property PO.

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Is anyone experienced in the legalities of public property?

We really need to get Liberty candidates, and Tisha Casida needs advice right now on how to set up at the post office, or other public property, without getting in trouble from the law. Help? Thank you so much for keeping this bumped until we can get her some advice.


I always see people collecting signatures at Walmart and sometimes a grocery store. Just walk in and ask the manager if it's ok.

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Call the police yourself?

Let them know it's your understanding that it's legal to do and just want to reassure the postmaster, whose only concern is that he might get in trouble. See if you can get the police to say the postmaster would be in trouble if he Doesn't let her set up. And hey, he might just say it's illegal and in that case say oh, thank you, and find another spot. All I can think of atm. Hope someone else has better advice.