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ATTENTION New York Voters - Vote George Maragos for US Senate

He isn't the best but he sure beats the neocons!

From his site:
"America's foreign policy is inconsistent, confused, and naive. We undermine our friends, have overextended our valued military, and support dictators only to later cut them loose for higher moral principles that are selectively applied. We build other countries and put thousands of young Americans in harm's way while we neglect our own domestic needs. We are currently in three wars spending, in my estimation, over $4 billion per week.

We must bring all of our troops home now! Their missions in Afghanistan and Iraq are accomplished. We must recommit our resources to benefit Americans. Our foreign policy must be driven by National Interest alone"

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thanks por posting this

DP seems to have no interest whatsoever about today's elections. That is not the way one wins them!

Ron Paul ... forever.