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Top 20 Donors - Dr. Paul/Mitt Romney - Who Do The Veterans and American People Support?

2012 Election Cycle

Dr. Ron Paul

US Army $113,277 (Veterans/Active Duty)
US Navy $89,993 (Veterans/Active Duty)
US Air Force $89,009 (Veterans/Active Duty)
Google Inc $42,478
US Dept of Defense $38,350 (Military/Active Duty)
Microsoft Corp $30,259
US Marine Corps $29,703 (Veterans/Active Duty)
Boeing Co $27,367
IBM Corp $27,006
Lockheed Martin $22,000
Northrop Grumman $21,813
US Government $21,482 (Government)
Intel Corp $21,445
Ragingwire Ent. Sol. $20,000
Corriente Advisors $20,000
Oracle Corp $17,405
Verizon Comm. $17,243
AT&T Inc $16,652
US Postal Service $16,203 (U.S. Postal workers)
FedEx Corp $16,115

Mitt Romney

Goldman Sachs $593,080 (Bank/$1Trillon Bailout)
JPMorgan Chase & Co$467,0899(Bank/$400Billion Bailout)
Bank of America $425,100(Bank/$1.34Trillion Bailout)
Morgan Stanley $399,850(Bank/$2.04Trillion Bailout)
Credit Suisse Group$390,360(Bank/$262Billion Bailout)
Citigroup Inc $312,800(Bank/$2.5Trillion Bailout)
Kirkland & Ellis $264,302(International Law Firm)
Wells Fargo $237,550(Banks and mortgages)
Barclays $234,650(Multinational Banking/$868Billion Bailout)
PricewaterhouseCoopers $227,250(Global professional services)
Deloitte LLP $222,250(Global professional services)
HIG Capital $216,995("Alternative" investment firm)
UBS AG $207,750(Swiss global financial/$287Billion Bailout)
Blackstone Group $198,800(Financial services)
Bain Capital $156,500("Alternative" asset mgmnt.)
Elliott Management $146,275(Hedge funds)
Marriott International $137,827(Hotel franchisor)
GE $135,450(multinational conglomerat corp./Energy,Financial,Technology infrastructure,Capital Finance)
Bain & Co $130,550(Global Global consulting)
EMC Corp $129,450(MultinationalComputing serv.)

Dr. Paul
Mitt Romney

I think it's pretty clear who is supported by CORPORATIONS and who is supported by REAL PEOPLE...Corporations are NOT people by the way, and this is proof of how much these corporations are willing to pay to try and literally BUY elections.

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Our biggest contributor is still smaller than their lowest contributor. Amazing what Dr. Paul has been able to achieve. It's too bad when stuff like this doesn't go viral but other BS "news" does.

Great post..

thank you.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

If your local newspaper has a website...

Please take this list and submit it to the "opinions" section of your local newspaper(It's FREE). I submitted it last Friday and the editor said that it should be printed sometime this week, but I'll believe it when I see it.

De criminalize Liberty!

I just submitted this

I just submitted this to the opinion section for my local newspaper. I doubt they will print it, but I really hope they do!

How do we...?

How do we turn this information into a Facebook graphic that we can all post? Maybe we can include Obama in there as well. Does anyone do that around here? I'd be willing if I knew how.

If I think about it later after work

I will try to make a graphic and post it to Facebook so you can copy it.

De criminalize Liberty!

It doesn't matter. Nobody's

It doesn't matter. Nobody's willing to fight for it and so we're not going to get it. Quite the contrary, most people are cowards and lay down and so we'll get even more tyranny.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

Consider yourself a coward

all you want...I, along with millions of other Americans ARE willing to fight for it. If the comparison above "doesn't matter" to you, you should probably move along and keep your negative comments to yourself, as you are disrespecting our military and veterans when you say "It doesn't matter". Less than 1/3 of the American colonists believed the Revolutionary War was necessary, and they changed the course of history.

De criminalize Liberty!

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Not enough hate towards GE

They are also a financial services firm and a huge cog of the MIC

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Info BumP: Look at these striking comparisons....jaw dropping!

There is no doubt who is owned and is a puppet of the NWO. There is also no doubt who is not owned by the system. I would not endorse Romney no matter what was promised to me. Romney is pure evil.