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For what it's worth, I went to the office of Gilbert and Marlowe

Mr. Gilbert's office is within walking distance of my house so today I popped by not knowing what to say or how to ask but hoping I could glean some kind of sense as to whether he is sincere or working for Romney or even Obama. I spoke with the woman in his office who listened to my concerns as I explained there has been so much fraud, propaganda and lies we don't know who to trust anymore. She asked "who's we?" and I said "Ron Paul supporters". I also mentioned the fact, we know there is no real difference between Romney and Obama. She then asked me to wait in the other room as she went to see if Mr. Gilbert would speak with me, even though I had not yet asked. She came back, apologized and explained he only speaks with the delegates of which I had already told her I wasn't. I thanked her for her time, shook her hand and as I left I told her how we all love this country and it's getting very, she jumped in and finished my sentence... "scary" and I said "yes" and while she obviously can't speak for Mr. Gilbert she did say he was sincere and coming from a good place. I have nothing to add to this because there isn't anything to add other than I left feeling a bit more positive than I did before I went in.

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Here's another one.

The GOP decides that anyone litigating against the GOP may not be a delegate in their convention, and the L4RP is vigorously collecting as many delegate names on its roles as it can.

All our delegates get disqualified under that scenario,and cannot participate in the convention.

So you don't know, no more questions.


Well ... that is usually how it works.

People operate behind the curtain so that you can't see them and see what they are doing.

If I were to put money on the motive ... it would probably be money, but I also have a sneaky suspicion that it might just be #1 and my guess is that it is Rove and not the RNC.

This would be personal for Rove. He invented the delegate strategy. And he spasms at the sound of someone saying "Ron Paul" because Paul beat him in every election he had against Rove.

The thought of Paul using the delegate strategy to have an influence within the party, I am sure, gives Rove the dry heves.

If you want to know why Rove hates Paul ... Read this ...


It explains a great deal.

rhino, that's what I had been speculating on, as well…


Don't you need ~30 to fulfill the (class) requirement for a class action lawsuit?
The more I look at this, sadly I feel like there is a reason Mr. Grand Strategy himself, Karl Rove, has been so quiet lately...
and the saga of the “puppet-master”, the “pied-pipers”, ...and the hordes of “useful idiots”, continues...

dulce bellum inexpertis

Interesting ...

I mentioned this the first time I ever saw a post about the lawsuit.

The whole Rove thing is unlikely, but possible.
The reason why I think it is unlikely is that I just can't see these guys being smart enough to be recruited as operatives by Rove.
On the other hand, hiring a muslim (since Rove is the king islamaphobe) to take an oponent down is exactly how he would operate.

If I had to guess this whole thing is a shake down. Some two bit lawyer is attempting to shake down the RNC and sees a big payoff to simply go away.

Kind of like the Right Haven thing.

God Bless.

You are correct, it is unlikely…

If you were Rove, would you hire an attorney who thinks that things like this:

The Federal Ron Paul Case Has Been Announced To The 500 Ron Paul Lawyers By The National RP Campaign Groups

actually make sense?
source: the attorney's Twitter page posted on 31 May
Richard Gilbert's Twitter page

I would say that is pretty damning evidence ...

as to the level of their idiocy.

A shake down by a bunch of idiots that may actually succeed in getting a payoff inspite of their intellect, not because of their intellect.

I think I have seen a British movie with a plot like that.

Rhino: Here's Another Twist

Another trip down the proverbial rabbit-hole.


Stone is possibly the provocateur behind all that's been happening.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Dude ...

You guys must be professional splunkers.

You don't just go into a hole.

You take survey equipment and guide lines.

It is interesting that Roger Stone was involved in Watergate.

If it weren't for Watergate, Rove may have served federal time.

The other crazy thought that I had running thru my mind was that this was an AJ operation. Most of the idiots in support of this are infowar junkies and I know AJ knows he came down on the wrong side of the Rand fall out and it could cost him some listeners and dollars. So it could be some sort of diversion tactic or a method of shaping the debate.

Add in the fact that Richard Gilbert,

being a “former intern detective for the Tampa Police Dept.” (his words), says that he made a “phone call” which convinced the Tampa P.D. to allow PaulFest to proceed.

Well now, that just kind of opens up a whole new vista of possibilities here, doesn't it?



not forget Kokesh.
The whole operation of infecting the movement with innuendo about Benton and the campaign staff, leading up to this, was created and fomented by Kokesh and his followers. If you look at where all the innuendo and accusations against the campaign staff was coming from, it was primarily Kokesh.
That set the stage of mistrust against the Pauls and their staff.
And that mistrust that was cultivated was then used as the excuse to "mutiny" and "take over the campaign" by this group that is claiming to be that.
And predictably, many desperate people here who had been psychologically prepared to throw Ron Paul's team under the bus, were eager to jump on this bandwagon without even so much as a cursory inspection about what they were getting into.

I see very little

evidence that Kokesh's "innuendo" turned out to be anything
but *true*.

You maybe have some evidence to indicate that the campaign
has not been infiltrated, that Benton is competent, that Tgryve
Olson is a Liberty kind of guy?? - I'm sure we'd like to see it.


the "evidence" would be that Benton never made a single move that didn't have Ron Paul's 100% approval.
This is pure FACT, and there is NOBODY that can say otherwise.
So, ALL the comments about Benton are 100% lies. It was made up by somebody with an axe to grind, and posted here and other places to poison people's minds against the campaign.

All the videos and most of the lies and innuendo that were floated about Benton came from the Kokesh camp.
The video of Benton coming out of the trailer, and the subsequent innuendo about secret deals? Kokesh.
The video of Penny Freeman, a disgruntled ex-campaign worker, who Adam dug up out of the woodwork and posed leading questions to try to get her to do his dirty work? Kokesh.
The stuff posted on DP by Kokesh followers, trying to tar every move by Benton that somebody didn't like as "traitorous". The campaign did "this or that and I don't like it, so therefore it was Benton selling out". Not a shred of evidence for even one word of that. ALL fabricated.
As for Trygve Olson, there isn't anything AT ALL that can be actually attributed to him. It's just conjecture that people don't like his resume', so automatically "he did things". It's ludicrous. I may not be a fan of Olson's resume, but you can't say one thing that he actually "did", in this campaign. It's all innuendo.

You or Kokesh have NOTHING. Nothing at all.
You made it all up. There is nothing to back the accusations of Benton or Ron's campaign personnel, and Ron was in charge of ALL of it, and he backed every single thing that the campaign did.

Kokesh hates Benton and the Ron Paul campaign. He makes no secret of that. It's all from him and his personal vendetta against the RP campaign.

I admit this is all very speculative.

Some guy requested that someone post possible motives for the lawsuit.

I provided some.

I don't think most of them are likely, but he asked and I provided.

These lawyers may have completely pure intent.

Unlikely ... but possible.

The most likely motive, given what we all know (or more accurately what we all don't know), these guys are looking to make a quick buck and are probably willing to sell the delegates down the river to accomplish their goals.

That is how I see it.

Show me some evidence of these allegations.


Herr Apfel, he's “speculating”

He's not “alleging” anything. He was helping you out, by using his mental capacity, so that you wouldn't have to feel left out, since you refuse to use your's.

You mean wasting our time.


Let me know if I am talking to someone who's “slow”

and I'll take it easy on you. What exactly is an “unsubstantiated allegation”. Do you even know what we're talking about?
   |---->[=you must be this tall to ride this ride=]

Opposition will not answer the the question of motive for hours.

And resorting to name calling means you have no argument.

Was that “the the” most sense you could make?


Im all ears to hear why you trust them so much?

They could be working for Anyone that is trying to derail this movement. Its already done a pretty good job at creating division, Hasnt it? Your comment being a good example.

Have you thought about the consequences if the Judge re-enforces the view of the GOP, that, Yes the delegates are bound?


And then the GOP and Rommney camp can chase whoever they choose through the courts, let them try . . but, AFTER RON PAUL HAS RECEIVED THE WORLD WIDE EXPOSURE HE DESERVES!

There is no division. Trust has nothing to do with it.

There is no other way to win without legal action to free the delegates. The delegates were harmed and they are seeking damages, that it. Stop making such a big deal about it. Why don't you spend your time harrassing the MA GOP. Use your energy efficiently.

Like I Said

Have you thought of the consequences if the Judge agrees with the GOP?

You disagree that this could backfire in any possible way? You realise you are trying to use the already corrupted system to prove your legitimacy?



By the time the GOP is done purging Paul delegates

there will not be any left to vote for Paul. Agrees with GOP that intimidation and fraud is legal? What?

Well I hope your Right, I

Well I hope your Right, I really do.

I just dont see why you are trusting the courts?

Well sure now..

....that they know who they are as disclosed publicly by the lawsuit. Duh.

They always knew the delegates

look at MA.

No they didnt!

And no they dont, Why do you think there have been so many fishing expeditions posted on this site, NO ONE, knows for sure, Who is a delegate that is supporting Paul or not, this is one of the BIG problems with this case.

If these people are not trustworthy, then they will be selling the information of who exactly are Ron Paul people to the highest bidder. Stop being so niave.


This town in Canada even has a

Cass Alert! (I had to use the Wayback Machine archive because as of June 21, trying to connect directly to that website's server will fail. Odd.)

Cass Ingram also goes by the name of Cass Igram, and that made it very confusing to track down his true identity, and whether or not he holds a degree as a D.O. (doctor of osteopathy), or a M.D. (medical doctor). It has been literally impossible to track down his true identity on the internet. We've sent out dozens of e-mails to sites that sell his books, and hawk oil of oregano products and so far have batted zero.
So where does that leave you in your quest to keep people like Cass Igram from coming back to Walkerton or to any other city in Ontario or Canada where he can ply his quackery on the poor people who are dying?

You can always keep us informed, and by all means call your MPP, and MP to tell them that none of the regulators really cares, or are unable to help.

All of you can help us stop medical quackery. Let us know where Cass Igram's flyers and posters are, and ask two health food store owners in Walkerton how much money they made selling snake oil from Cass's kitchen sink laboratory. And by the way, if you hear about him coming to town, give us a call, or e-mail us at: Cass Alert

I don't know why you think Oil of oregano is quackery. It is

very anti-viral, and bacteriocidal. It can stop toothaches, given that a mouthwash of it, kills many oral bacteria that are causing the toothache.

The real special thing about oil of oregano is that it is uniquely fungicical---wonderful feature.

Even if his license is inactive, and if he still has his degree, he can title himself Dr.