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Will RP supporters be blocked from the GOP convention?

Hypothetical - but possible - article. Commenter (Arthur) at the bottom of the article has the best summation:

"Nicely put. If they allow Paul to speak I would definitely have a little hope in the party. The thing is are they really stupid enough to allow Paul to speak and then Romney? That would be a catastrophe for Romney. Could there be 500 delegates that have their eyes opened by Paul's speech for him to win the nomination? If Romney knew what was good for him he would nominate Paul for President and in return have Paul nominate him for Vice President. This Romney convention is going to be fun when they find out it's Paul's convention."


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It won't happen.

The GOP will do everying and anything to prevent Dr. Paul from from speaking to the delegates to the convention. They know that they will have lost all credibility with the honest (not annointed GOP elite delegates, like Christie, et al) Gingrich, Romney and Santorum delegates, which would then give Ron Paul not only the GOP nomination, but also the presidency come November.

We can only hope supporters turn out in huge numbers for Dr. Paul. Leave the rest to the foreign press. They will get the truth out this time!

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Ron Paul supporters should not attend Convention Says Republican

Eric Golub, a politically conservative Republican columnist, proposes that all Ron Paul supporters should be banned from the Republican convention. See details below:


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plan: Deny RP a nomination.

Then it matters not if we are bound, if he speaks, or what happens. One nom, one result.

FWIW, that's whey they are using the states to unseat our delegates. They want to deny us the 5 state plurality.

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