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Conservator Abuse is State Sanctioned Exploitation, Fraud and Theft of the Elderly. I am a Witness to it.

In response to an article found on What Really Happened about California Adult Protective services ignoring Conservator abuse. I have first hand experience with these parasites. First when my Mom was in the hospital for a breathing problem and an irregular heartbeat , the ER gives her a medication that sedates her. Here comes a hospital social worker coming in to have her sign some papers and this parasite was reluctant to let me see the paperwork. I was my Mom’s medical surrogate and had power of attorney to oversee her finances when she is ill and not cognitive. When I read the paperwork, it was her turning over the whole estate to an attorney and the state. The Hospital gets a cut of the estate after it has been bled dry by these parasites.

This was not in California, but the state of Florida at the time. Florida as we call the home of the newly wed or the nearly dead. I worked as a CNA in a nursing home for many years. I had to get out of the field because I have seen the writing on the wall seeing where it is going. Conservatorship is big business in Florida. The State Courts, and the lawyers are getting paid to plunder a person’s estate. Florida is a very predatory state attacking the elderly. My other experiences have been when I was in the healthcare field.


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