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What to do if an article makes you get anxious or worry

I have accepted there are some things in this we cannot control, but we can make a difference more and more everyday, as we are now, the threat of nuclear war, police state, civil unrest was creeping me out time to time, but I only thought about it when I was panicking, it was worst case scenario thinking which doesn't really happen, I hate doom and gloom, it's how they get us, it's how they control us

what I did is I found a program called the Linden Method

It is not a scam if your wondering lol, I have been using it, take my word for it, because of it I have learned to slowly control my emotions better and better, and become more content in life, If You do it right it will bring untold rewards, that I promise, it is definitely worth the money, and their is full telephone support for a year if you slip

Give it a try, come back and let me know if it helped you

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