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Justin Amash Endorses Kerry Bentivolio For Congress

Justin Amash just endorsed Kerry Bentivolio on his Facebook page:

"I am proud to endorse Kerry Bentivolio's candidacy for U.S. Representative from the 11th Congressional District of Michigan.

The federal government continues down the unsustainable path of more spending, higher taxes, and more debt for our children and grandchildren. We need a Representative who will fight for our personal and economic freedom. We need a citizen legislator who won't back down when special interests try to break his resolve. We need a friend in Congress who will defend liberty and the Constitution. That person is Kerry Bentivolio.

Kerry has served his community as a teacher and a veteran. As a small businessman, he knows how the federal government creates obstacles to prosperity. And he knows that more debt and regulation won't lead to economic growth.

There is a small but growing group of Representatives committed to upholding the Constitution, defending individual liberty, and balancing our budget. Our impact is being felt in Washington, but we need more allies. Having spent time with Kerry over the last few weeks and having listened to his vision for our country, I believe that Kerry is someone we can count on to do what's right, not just what's easy.

Please join me in supporting Kerry Bentivolio for Congress."

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