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9th circuit court date

According to Ben Swann's facebook page, the lawsuit will be heard in mid July.


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RE: 9th circuit court date

Also a link to a letter to the RNC from the Lawyers.

Glad to see the battle is on. !!


I still have a problem with the content of this letter...

IMHO, no professional would have added that last paragraph about a criminal.

Short and sweet, but I have a question

The lawsuit is filed in the 9th, but this is involving the Just - us department as well. Is that how it usually works?

Involving the Justice department

Not having a great deal of understanding/experience in law, my assumption to your question would be:

The Justice Dept. would be the department that would determine if there was just cause to pursue a criminal charge. The lawyers for the plaintiffs/delagates obviously feel there is just cause. The letter is giving the RNC the opportunity to back track and make things right. In other words it's a threat.