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Rhode Island: You Owe Us Your Delegates

Attention all Rhode Island delegates, the math shows you were disenfranchised. Even the popular vote is suspect as is the absentee vote count.

However, the focus, here, is on the delegates. The charts are clear: the vote counts for Ron Paul delegates were flipped over to Romney.

Just look carefully at the charts. Obviously, Ron Paul voters would not only vote for him but, knowing the campaign's strategy, would be sure to also vote for the delegates.

Like Alabama and South Carolina, these charts are evidence of malicious vote rigging. That's why it is essential that ALL Rhode Island delegates join the lawsuit at www.electionfraudremedy.com.

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It will be interesting to see if ...

any of the delegates that you suckered into contacting you will get credentialed at the convention.

I am sure some of them will report back exactly what happened.

God Bless.

uhmmm.... I honestly think Ron Paul did very well in our primary

I stood at the polling place.
The turn out was sooooooo poor. It was only old - like really old- people with their blue "handicapped parking" tags on their cars who apparently watched a lot of FOX from what I could sus out while cheerily asking for their vote. So it was the Geriatric crowd and the RIGOP regulars - who pretty much felt the MitMentum long before because our State Chair had sold/traded his own mailinglist from the last election to Romney for an endorsement for his failed run for Congress.

I would LOVE to say that RI had votes stolen - But I think coming in at 25% of the total vote was really quite impressive. The official campaign did NOTHING to gain those votes.

Ron Paul did come to town but a good number of those people I met while handing out my VOTE FOR ME postcards at URI came from MA or CT.

The only thing I can refer you to is my account of the State GOP Chair - who is now our Delegation Chair requiring people supply their Social Security Numbers to the RNC for admittance on the floor (to vote) at the convention in Tampa. Here is the DP account of that:


I have not filed with the "lawsuit" for several reasons. One being that I rectified the situation myself just by going in person and dealing with real people. The other being that I'm not entirely sure we got screwed in RI - it is a DEMOCRATIC BASTION and a petri dish for Government Projects.

Great to hear of your efforts.

Did you carefully look at the charts? Study them. The non-affected delegates, Santorum Gingrich, flatline. The Paul delegates slope downward, with a corresponding upward slope of Romney.

There is relatively definitive proof of vote rigging in Alabama. Here, the riggers forgot to account for the delegates and, thus, Ron Paul's votes were 300% less, which is impossible.

Appreciate your efforts!

And while I don't really know what to suggest about
joining or not joining the lawsuits, I will say
that the situation in RI and elsewhere is not going
to be rectified until we can ensure the integrity
of the voting process - and as long as the blackbox/no
paper trail systems are in place that cannot be