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EU wants control of national budgets


Just wow, as a British person woken up by Ron Paul, this makes me very worried :(

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Thay also want a tax on every

Thay also want a tax on every financial transaction in order to "save the Euro". Wonder if you americans know the fact that the VAT in Europe is between 17 and 29% and the countries are still borrowing money.

Just take a look at Romania, the European colony where I live, the average salary is $800 a month and is taxed 46%. After that there's the 24% VAT on EVERYTHING, including every food item, water and energy, so the Gov. takes 70% of earnings.
In 1989 when the communism ended Romania had NO DEBT, today this country the size of WA state and with 19.000.000 people is well over $ in debt.
I think I would write a post about how the foreign banks and corporation destroyed this country, with the help, of course, of the Romanian ignorant politicians and public.
Just to get an idea, people are not voting that much, so the officials get elected with 20 or 30% support.

Is it your opinion that the

Is it your opinion that the EU will collapse?

oh yeah. the EU can do a better job

don't you know that once a politician joins the EU, they suddenly become enlightened?

The Ass-Hats

in Brussels are incompetent morons. Their sophmoric delusion of grandeur for a Euro-Peon union is crumbling around them.

I am pretty sure we don't have to worry about these fools much longer as they will soon be busy trying to avoid getting lynched by angry mobs...all over Europe. Sleep well, we're fine.


This should really liven up the House of Lords in your Parliament lol

I think I have a feeling what Jacob-Rees Mogg is going to say about this in the Commons :)

Let us know when the debates on this will occur ...or if any. ;)

Hopefully the Sovereign will have something to say about this.