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an awesome debate point of two masters of their own craft

This debate was like a young Ron Paul against a well balanced bill clinton.Listen to 6:45 part in video and see two diffferent but both equally potent views of a socialist thought against a liberty thought.The result i saw is that when one speaks correctly he begins to make sense in peoples minds.Right or wrong in their views,they are able to clash on fundumental politics and still show a strong support for establishment and libertarians which would yield close to an even split.Let paul supporters not forget that if a democrat runs next election that is a librertarian,we will all be wearing blue ties ,shall we not?At least on an lesser of evils on a Jeb Bush/romney ticket,which still may also shake things up at convention this year.So what i am saying is that we should quit hopping in the republican shoes and convert to libertarian.That is why i say Johnston /Paul is the way to go.That way paul can still hold office this year and also wont be subject to sore loser laws.And since the libertarians have already chose nominee,Paul is able to advertise and trangress a million plus movement to a landslide switch of parties on a medium scale,as soon as 3 days from now.But i think we need ventura in this libertarian political standoff with repubs.Besides do you think Ron Paul will let his sons name be tarnished?Nah.Be the hero Ron and do the 88'do the 88'...................do the 88 cmon.man......lets liberate.............do the 88....do the 88...........3rd party liberty slate..............Go third Ron.We know you have the guts.We saw you on morton downey junior standing up tp a room full of smucks without a pot to piss in.Let it be known it was never about party for many of paul supporters.They were following you Doc.The BIG QUESTION IS ..SHALL you set the game truly afoot and Run third sir!

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lol oooops.http://youtu.be/YW9f2KsyaOI heres the video.I mean it....peter shciff is a beast.

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