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You guys have got to see this,I was born in Dearborn Michigan "Christians" being stoned

Go to around 9 minutes and watch for a couple of minutes

http://youtu.be/vnJBW49afzg Keep this bumped so everyone gets to watch. Update: a new bit of evidence has surfaced seems the "Christians" were baiting with a swine head on a stick. Swine is a beast singled out as bad in their religion.

http://youtu.be/r5Ld3yHduFU I personally have had many encounters with a Nashville gang called Kurdish pride. While teaching my son baseball at a local park the group hung out there. With normal mutual respect, a very good relationship developed. People are the same everywhere, They want to be safe and raise their children. Thank for your input and PEACE everyone.

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It's a propaganda piece

"Christians being stoned" is a term you chose to use. It brings up imagery of people being surrounded by a politically powerful majority and killed by a mob for nothing other than professing faith in Jesus.

These people weren't doing nothing other than professing faith in Jesus. They were intentionally inciting a crowd to get fodder for propaganda videos.

Defend Liberty!

Ironic ,

How some see the trees and others see the forest. I respect and agree with you . This is a simple report of religious intolerance.

yeah your right

People should not assemble in public to express their views if the climate is inhospitable or runs contrary to theirs.

Move along nothing to see here.