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Fourth of July Weekend Freedom Festival this coming weekend June 30th - July 2nd

3 day freedom festival is happening in Kintnersville PA
where Rt611 meets Rt32 in Upper Bucks County
15 min South of Easton, PA 45 min North of Philly along the Delaware River

this coming weekend Sat June 30th - Mon July 2nd
30 bands - 30 speakers $30for the whole weekend or 15$ a day includes free camping, free parking children under 12 Free

Featured Speaker retired Rep James Traficant will be speaking both Sat and Sun

along with Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America
Bryan Siemon from the Paul Festival
Jim Condit - Vote Scam
Attorney Phil Berg - Obama Crimes
Larry Sinclair - Outed Obama
Sheriff Jeff Christopher - VPs son Beau Biden is trying to do away with the sheriffs office
Shawn Houze - Hempzles

including bands of PayDay Monsanto, Scrap Metal Bomb, Poker Face, Madison Rising, The Tank and many many more

Goto the website for a full list of speakers and bands

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Good job fellas

I love those Poker Face boys. They been fighting this fight and supporting libertarian causes since at least the Harry Browne years, right around the same time I first got involved. Generation-X libertarians fight the good fight and rock on!


Craig Denegas piece in the Philly Examiner

FREEDOMPALOOZA 2012 Promotional Video

Freedompalooza II Facebook Evite - please invite others

Billions for Bankers, pennies for peasants is the main reason why the 2nd American Revolution is coming to a hometown near you...

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Sounds awesome

Wish I could go....Boo to already having plans. Have you asked Jake Towne to speak?

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Times and Address

Starts noon Saturday and goes thru Monday 10pm

MapQuest address to input:

Location and Info
Johnny Mac's American Grill
Tel# 610 847 1286
9755 Easton Road
Kintnersville, PA 18930

The fest is located in Upper Bucks County PA. Where Rts 611 and 32 meet along the Delaware River in Kintnersville, PA

Out of Philadelphia: Take Rt 611 (Broad St) North 45min-hour

Out of Easton: Take Rt 611 South 15 minutes

You can get to Rt 611 by intersecting roads of
Rt22, I 78 and I276(East-west PA Turnpike)

Billions for Bankers, pennies for peasants is the main reason why the 2nd American Revolution is coming to a hometown near you...