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The Honorable Congressman Ron Paul on Cavuto: Mandated Health Care? Opt Out!

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Cavuto has been "bought off" by his employer long ago

Fox is such a sell out to America.

Gotta love their slogan "Fair and balanced." In 2008 Ron Paul was considering to sue them for false advertising - I think he talked about this on Leno.

Oops...answered my own question :)


I will not be complying.

They can "eat my shorts"(since my real comment would be unprintable).


Glad to see the media black out being lifted. I'd still love to see a one on one debate with Mitt and Dr. Congressman Hall-of-fame veteran Ron Paul


Someone pays!

should have told him

When Neil said how much impact Dr. Paul has had this election cycle, Ron should have told him , you aint seen nothing yet !

Tin Pan

when asked what

about Romney losing ground to bamba... RP should have said this is what all you wanted!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

We need Government Health Care

We need Government Health Care. People with money are not spending enough, if they were we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Government is meddling with health care because the "Free Market" was not doing its part. Again if the "Free Market" was doing its part, Government wouldn't step in.

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

You have it a bit

You have it a bit backwards... The healthcare industry is not a free market, and its BECAUSE of government meddling.

Government regulation and licensing inflate the cost of services and limit access to them. And by blocking interstate competition, the government is guaranteeing higher prices by encouraging a monopolistic system.

If it was truly a free market, with government removed and competition encouraged, you would see prices fall and quality go up.

All the votes down

If you disagree, instead of voting down why not explain why the government is stepping in?

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

Because it actually physically hurts to think down to your level

You simply don't know what the free market is. If you did, you wouldn't be putting it in quotes... Do you put the word evolution in quotes too?

The free market is NEVER wrong. Only someone who has be brainwashed by a corrupt government to think that you need protection from it (Oh the irony!) could possibly think so.


Quick Comment.

I've always thought Neil did a good enough job interviewing Ron Paul, but it just seems as if all the interviews are going nice and smooth now that he is "out of the race". It's back to Congressman Paul, and no mention of Presidential candidate Paul. No gotcha questions, no third party questions, etc... just all smiles.

RP in his element, himself

RP being RP once again. God, I love this man. Honest, logical, fluid, accurate and no mincing words, shootin' from the hip. RP, the United States president for me!

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Wonders Never Cease

Cavuto committed the mortal sin of MSM - he complimented RP.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Get In There Dr. Paul!!!

Still commanding the high ground.

If this guy doesn't get his own TV show after his term is up - and God forbid it would be Faux, but a major network - it will be a travesty. Holding the three branches of government to account, openly and from the perspective of liberty, and schooling the likes of Maddow and BO Reilly - what a show concept. Awaken the masses.....holy cow.

Ron, with the Judge, Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell as regular guests - I might considering turning on the boob tube for that!

No one like him in our recent history. It's not even close

The Good Doctor just cured Cavuto.

Ron Paul destroyed that interview. And I applaud Neil Cavuto's respectful delivery and new found respect. He used to cut RP off but no more. We got 'em!!!

For those wondering if the fight for the nomination is over, listen @6min to the Doctor's own words.

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On a similar vein

The grand dame of conservatives, Phyllis Schlafly, praised Dr. Paul's Parental Consent Act.


For The Power of The Republic!

Wow - that was pretty scary!

thanks for sharing

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

No kidding...

really really scary stuff. Phew...home schooling is the only answer.

As always Dr. Ron Paul has the best solution.

Set up competition and allow people to opt out if they choose. This allows the dignity of making your own choice rather than being FORCED to pay a premium to the FED for Obama-care.

neil of ashamed

to be working at Fox.


Can someone embed this?